Mother With Baby Declines Fight, Thugs Horrify Onlookers With What They Do Seconds Later

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A horrifying video is circulating social media after an Oklahoma woman was approached by a few girls who live in the neighborhood. Although she initially declined the invitation to fight them, things were far from over – and the she-thugs would leave onlookers downright horrified by what they decided to do just a mere seconds later.

Mother With Baby Declines Fight, Thugs Horrify Onlookers With What They Do Seconds Later
Images from video shot in Oklahoma (Photo Credit: Screenshot/FlyHeight)

Although it’s unclear where exactly the incident took place, video of the matter was shared to Facebook by a man named Jeremy McCoy who lives in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Saying that the woman featured in the clip is his daughter, the shocking footage is quickly going viral after being posted just a few hours ago.

As it turns out, a longer version of the video has since been posted to FlyHeight, allowing for us to see more of what happened. In the footage, we can see McCoy’s daughter sitting on a swing while holding what would later be revealed to be the girl’s 6-month-old son. After a few words were exchanged on social media, two girls were apparently upset with the young mother and were even looking to fight in order to resolve their differences.

Of course, seeing how she was holding a baby, McCoy’s daughter understandably declined the opportunity to fight – but things were far from over. In fact, the vicious she-thugs would later leave onlookers in horror after what they decided to do just a few seconds later.

As one would imagine, someone whipped out a camera to record the matter at hand after they saw tensions begin to rise. Although the two punks were clearly looking to fight, just about everyone around was screaming at them not to start swinging as their intended victim was holding a child.

Sadly, that mattered little to them as one of the girls hauled off and smacked McCoy’s daughter right in the face as she tried to talk away. At that point, the assaulted woman did the right thing by trying to get the baby out of the situation by passing it off, but things would soon change.

Just as the feral punk saw that the baby was being handed off, she went in for the kill, prompting the mother to clutch onto her child. Although it’s unclear if she just froze or was hoping that holding the baby would prevent the ensuing beating, viewers were left confused as to why she didn’t let go.

Despite onlookers screaming at the thug to stop, she continued her assault by pulling the victim’s hair. Fortunately, people were able to temporarily break the two up, but the attacker would later punch McCoy’s daughter in the face, resulting in her crying.

Shockingly, onlookers merely watched as the vicious assault continued. Trying desperately to get away, the crying mother retreated to her home, but the vile thug was right on her heels. Wanting to deliver one last blow, she swung with an open hand, resulting in an audible smack heard around the neighborhood.

Of course, the woman let out a final scream after being smacked but McCoy, saying things have yet to be resolved. According to the understandably irate father, he explains that the incident took place 5 days ago, but police have done nothing to his daughter’s attacker.

Seeing no other option, he has since posted the video in hopes that it angers enough of people to prompt police to take the action they should have days ago. There are no words to describe the type of person that would put an innocent and defenseless child in harm’s way, and these thugs need to be punished for that.

It doesn’t matter what was said, you are never justified in attacking someone else. Just like you probably learned when you were a child, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” However, if you find the need to act like an animal when someone hurts your feelings, rest assured, your local police department has the perfect cage for you.