Mother’s Day Intruder Gives Mom A Sick Gift, So She Gives Him One In Return

Michael Hollada (left), Elkton PD Cruiser (right)

A married couple from Elkton, Maryland, woke up on Mother’s Day to find a gun pointed at their heads by a home invading thug who demanded money so that he could “get high.” The wife watched in horror as the thug gave her a kiss and wished her a Happy Mother’s day before taking her husband downstairs. Little did he know, this fed up mom had her own shocking Mother’s Day surprise for him that he will never forget.

According to local news source ABC2, 38-year-old Michael Dean Hollada entered the home of an Elkton couple as they and their two daughters, ages 8 and 10, slept during the early morning hours of Sunday, May 14, 2017. At first, the 32-year-old mother woke up to the sound of what she thought was one of her daughters in her bedroom before realizing that “it was a man she had never seen in her life.”

“Give me your money,” he said, as he pointed a gun at the woman and her husband, according to court documents. “I have to get high,” Hollada added, as he demanded money from the couple. When they told the intruder that they didn’t have any money to give him, he reportedly said he wasn’t going to leave empty handed.

Once he realized the couple had nothing to give him, “He started explaining that he had a 6-month old kid and that he was just trying to get money together for diapers,” according to a statement made in the police report. Hollada then started apologizing in what seemed to be an emotional breakdown and kissed the woman on the head as he wished her a Happy Mother’s Day.

The thug then demanded the husband go downstairs with him, and this is when the fed up mom decided to give the thug a surprise of her own. She quickly dialed 911 and informed the police, “He has a gun.” After hearing this from the panicked woman, Elkton PD dispatched officers immediately.

As Hollada continued to yell for money, he also demanded water for his wife. The couple’s oldest daughter brought him a bottle of water before Hollada attempted to leave the home with the family’s television, making the husband open the door for him so he didn’t leave behind fingerprints. Unbeknownst to him, the Elkton police officers were waiting outside, according to Cecil Daily.

Hollada was arrested and charged with home invasion, burglary, theft, and assault. Police found a crack pipe on the suspect and a BB gun which he had used to intimidate the family. Perhaps if he needs diapers so desperately for his child, the first step is to quit doing crack. It’s really as simple as that.

Now, this thug is truly going to get what he deserves for breaking into this family’s home because of one fed up mom who wasn’t going to take any more crap, and rightfully so. Hopefully, her Mother’s Day ended with the gift of a gun so she’s not rendered helpless, waiting for police the next time a crackhead threatens her family. Then again, this is liberal Maryland, so probably not.

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