WATCH: MSNBC Turns On Maxine Waters, Mercilessly Mocks Her On Live TV

Maxine Waters (D-CA)

The leftist media has begun turning on Maxine Waters who once again called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, even though he has done nothing even remotely worthy of being removed from office. This time, the hosts could no longer contain their amusement as they proceeded to mock the Congresswoman mercilessly for the absurd allegations that she just won’t drop.

Ever since President Trump was inaugurated, the California Democrat has made a name for herself by calling for his impeachment, and with the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel for the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Maxine Waters now has “hope” that all of her impeachment dreams will come true.

“I believe when we get the subpoenas and we get the special counsel at work doing the real digging into whether or not there was collusion, and the other committees are trying to establish certain facts, we are going to learn a lot about the connections between this president, his allies, and the Kremlin, and it’s going to be very revealing,” said Waters.

“And I know a lot of people don’t like to hear the word impeachment, but I believe it’s going to lead right to impeachment,” she added. The panel was apparently so shocked by her absurd call for the president to be removed, they couldn’t contain themselves and began mocking the congresswoman right to her face.

“You know people don’t like to hear the word impeachment, but we know you like saying it,” host Joe Scarborough said.

The panel laughed, and guest John Heilemann added she was one of “the leading figures in singing out of that songbook.” [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

Frankly, the fact that we are still even talking about supposed Russian interference in the election speaks volumes. There is absolutely nothing to suggest there was any type of collusion between Trump and the Russians, yet the media and the Democrats won’t drop it. Taxpayers ought to be outraged that their dollars are being wasted on this silly charade, but they’re eating it up.

Maxine Waters knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows that President Trump will never be impeached, but she also knows how easily she’ll be re-elected in her liberal district for repeatedly bashing Trump. This is how the left operates. It is absurd that this woman is earning a salary for nothing more than making frivolous television appearances and ill-founded accusations against the president.

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