Mueller Can’t Find Russian Collusion, NEW PLAN To ‘Get Trump’ Involves Stormy Daniels

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Last Friday, Robert Mueller dropped a ton of documents involving President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen. The one thing missing: anything indicating there is any collusion with Russia. But, the documents did reveal how desperate the Special Counsel is to “get Trump” at any cost. Don’t listen to the ranting Democrats and their cohorts who are spewing lies. Mueller just revealed his weak hand against Trump, and it all goes back to Stormy Daniels. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and Robert Mueller (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

There is no Russian collusion, and even Robert Mueller and his entire team of Trump-hating attorneys know, as much as they twist facts, they can’t prove otherwise. How do we know? The big three — Paul Manafort, General Mike Flynn, and former Trump attorney Micheal Cohen — are not charged with any conspiracy crimes. 

And there is simply no other way for Mueller to prove the president “conspired” to commit Russia collusion. Poor Mueller has come up empty-handed. But he’s not through. Come hell or high-water, Mueller has now changed the scope of the entire investigation. According to what we do know (based on the documents released on those defendants), he plans to prove Trump violated campaign finance laws. 

It looks like this witch hunt will all come down to payoffs to Stormy Daniels and another woman named Karen McDougal. Even stranger, it seems Mueller will allow the Southern District of New York to file the charges against Trump.

It’s quite simple. Since Mueller can’t prove Russian collusion, the anti-Trump deep state forces will try to get him in another way.  Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy, who appears regularly on the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News, explains, “The major takeaway from the 40-page sentencing memorandum filed by federal prosecutors Friday for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, is this: The president is very likely to be indicted on a charge of violating federal campaign finance laws.”

“It has been obvious for some time that President Trump is the principal subject of the investigation still being conducted by the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York,” reported McCarthy. “Cohen has stated he did the hands-on work in orchestrating hush-money payments to two women who claim to have had sexual liaisons with Trump many years ago (liaisons Trump denies).”

“But when Cohen pleaded guilty in August, prosecutors induced him to make an extraordinary statement in open court: the payments to the women were made ‘in coordination with and at the direction of’ the candidate for federal office – Donald Trump,” added McCarthy. 

Before we get to what these deep state rats are going to use against Trump, in contrast, let’s look at what happened to Barack Obama. When it was discovered that Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was guilty of violations involving nearly $2 million – an amount that dwarfs the $280,000 in Cohen’s case – the Obama Justice Department decided not to prosecute. Instead, the matter was quietly disposed of by a $375,000 fine by the Federal Election Commission, reported Fox News.

In real life, these campaign finance charges aren’t taken too seriously. Obama got away with a $2 million dollar violation. And in Trump’s case, these are two payouts by Cohen to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, totaling $280,000 dollars. 

And here’s where it gets tricky to prove. This has nothing to do with if Trump had sex with these women. It has to do with was the act of paying them off a “campaign contribution by Trump?” 

If the president can prove that in the past he has had to pay off women for any reason, to go away and not blackmail him, this case is done. Then, the past payments stand as evidence that Trump has a history of these payments, the payments to Daniels and McDougal are not campaign contributions. 

Former Federal Prosecutor Joe diGenova said, “Paying hush money is not illegal. The question is was it done to further the campaign or was it done to avoid embarrassment? That actually makes it impossible to prove it’s a crime because either one of those scenarios is possible, therefore, a jury would have to guess at that.” And a jury can’t. There is no way to surmise someone’s state of mind. 

He added, “Not only that, there’s no evidence that the president ordered it through a corporation, which is the only way to make this illegal, the payment itself would be perfectly proper. It only has to be disclosed if it is a personal campaign contribution by the president. If it’s meant to keep the women silent, there is no..that is not a campaign violation.”

The video below is cued to start during the discussion on Trump and these so-called campaign law violations:

Is this what the American people really want to spend their hard-earned tax money on? After 18 months and millions of dollars spent on this Special Counsel, it all comes down to paying off two lowlife women who tried to extort money from the president? That’s all Robert Mueller has?

For years, Stormy Daniels tried to extort money from Trump. Same thing with Karen McDougal. But what does any of this have to do with the president running the country? It’s common knowledge that men who have millions of dollars and are in the public eye will have women throw themselves at them. And many of them will attempt to extort money. By and large, Americans don’t care.

And we surely don’t want our tax money going toward highlighting these dubious events. This is going to backfire on Mueller and his Democratic supporters. Considering Obama’s real campaign finance violations, if they try to pin this on Trump, Americans will immediately see this witch hunt for what it is: one big farce to take power away from our duly elected President of the United States. 

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