‘Complete Panic’ At All Levels Of DNC Over Murder Investigation Involving Hillary Clinton & John Podesta

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Hillary Clinton (left), John Podesta (right)

According to an inside source who spoke out over the weekend, the DNC is in “complete panic” at all levels.  The chaos stems from a murder investigation involving none other than Hillary Clinton and her disgraced former campaign manager John Podesta.

The murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich is once again raising eyebrows among conservatives who believe he was deliberately killed after sharing sensitive information with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. After the revelation that he had, indeed, sent tens of thousand of emails to WikiLeaks, all levels of the DNC are now in “complete panic” over the impending investigation into his murder.

Saturday, an anonymous person who works in Washington DC, alleged on 4Chan’s /pol/ subgroup that high-ranking current and former Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder investigation.

This comes after internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim DotCom, admitted on Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

“Anons, I work in D.C. I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has scared the shit out of certain high ranking current and former Democratic Party officials,” wrote the anonymous source on Saturday. “This is the reason why they have backed away from impeachment talk,” the source continued.

“They know the smoking gun is out there, and they’re terrified you will find it, because when you do it will bring the entire DNC, along with a couple of very big name politicians,” added the insider. “It appears that certain DNC thugs were not thorough enough when it came time to cover their tracks. Podesta saying he wanted to ‘make an example of the leaker’ is a huge smoking gun.”

Then, in a follow-up post, the unidentified individual went on to say, “The behavior is near open panic. To even mention this name in D.C. Circles [sic] will bring you under automatic scrutiny. To even admit that you have knowledge of this story puts you in immediate danger. If there was no smoke there would be no fire,” the source added.

“I have never, in my 20 years of working in D.C. Seen [sic] such a panicked reaction from anyone,” continued the source. “I have strong reason to believe that the smoking gun in this case is out o [sic] the hands of the conspirators, and will be discovered by anon. I know for certain that Podesta is deeply concerned. He’s been receiving anonymous calls and emails from people saying they know the truth. Same with Hillary.”

The shocking allegations have not been confined to internet chat rooms, either. On Sunday, prominent conservative icon and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity also tweeted about the “complete panic” which has set in at the DNC.

Perhaps this is why the left has been working so hard to push their bogus narrative about Russia interfering in the U.S. election. They know full-well that there was no collusion between the Kremlin and President Donald Trump, but they also need a way to turn attentions away from Rich’s murder.

If Russia didn’t give information to WikiLeaks and there is proof that Seth Rich did, for which he was subsequently shot multiple times in the back, the DNC has every reason to be in “complete panic.” The truth always comes out, no matter how many people are killed in an attempt to keep it buried. When we get to the bottom of this mystery, it may be even more disturbing that we originally thought possible.

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