Welfare Thug Murders Friend Over EBT Card & Hot Pockets, Pays A Huge Price

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Nathaniel Mathis, 21

An Atlanta woman watched in horror as her enraged 20-year-old brother pointed a gun through the passenger side window of her SUV and shot her boyfriend dead with eight .40 caliber rounds. Now, the cold-blooded welfare thug is paying a huge price for killing his friend during an argument that started over an EBT card and a box of Hot Pockets.

According to local new source NBC11, it all started on June 11, 2016, when Nathaniel Mathis asked his sister and her boyfriend Rodney Benton, 34, to buy him pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets from the local grocery store in Georgia, using his EBT card. According to police, Mathis would let his sister use his EBT card for purchases in lieu of paying rent.

Things took a turn for the worse when Mathis’ sister and Benton called him from the store to tell him that all of the Hot Pockets were sold out. As Benton and Mathis’ sister went up to the register to make other purchases with Mathis’ EBT card, it was declined because the PIN had been changed. Apparently irate, Mathis’ sister called him back and argued with him over the declined card. By the time the thug’s sister and her boyfriend arrived home, Mathis was armed and ready to finish the argument.

According to local new source MyFox8, Mathis approached the passenger side of his sister’s SUV and shot Benton as he yelled, “You know what’s going on!” Mathis reportedly approached a woman as he fled the scene of the crime to a nearby wooded area and asked her to deliver a message to his sister. “I just snapped. I love her and didn’t mean for it to happen this way,” the message said.

SWAT officers found him still holding the murder weapon as he stood in the wooded area and tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a peaceful surrender. According to police, the SWAT officers then shot Mathis with a bean bag gun and took him into custody after the two-hour standoff during which Mathis reportedly pointed his gun at his own head.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2017, A Fulton County jury returned a guilty verdict against Mathis on charges of murder, criminal charges of property in the first degree, possession of a firearm by a first offender probationer, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He was sentenced to life in prison plus ten years.

In addition to the sad fact that Benton lost his life over something stupid, the bigger picture here is that there are literally now millions of thugs just like Mathis who live off of tax dollars taken from hard working Americans. The welfare state needs to stop, and the free ride needs to end, but that won’t happen as long as race-baiting, Democrat politicians continue to exploit their constituents. For Mathis, this may mean that he’s moving from one subsidized housing situation to another, for the rest of his life.

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