Muslim Demands $15K For Trauma Of Shaking Male Teacher’s Hand, Principal Has A Better Idea

After school officials insisted that a Muslim teacher shake her male coworker’s hand, she demanded $15,000 from them for violating her religious beliefs. However, instead of paying the employee, the school’s principal had a brilliant counter offer.

Muslim Demands $15K For Trauma Of Shaking Male Teacher's Hand, Principal Has A Better Idea
After demanding $15,000 from school officials for forcing her to shake hands with male colleagues, Fardous el-Sakka (left) wasn’t expecting Principal Lidija Munchmeyer’s (right) brilliant reply. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/TV4 News)

In the name of diversity and tolerance, liberals demand that we welcome in millions of mostly Muslim migrants hailing from Islamic nations. What we soon find, as this cultural and religious minority grows, is that they reject diversity and are intolerant to any other way of life than that which is mandated by Sharia law.

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Although they often cry out for respect and equality while their numbers are small, their rapid growth quickly produces demands, not for acceptance but submission to their own discriminatory religious compulsions. What’s most disturbing is witnessing Western democracies appease these demands.

After securing a job at the inclusive, diverse Helsingborg School of Education in Sweden, Muslim teacher Fardous el-Sakka immediately began demonstrating her own ideology’s intolerance. Despite knowing that it is a custom of Swedish culture, el-Sakka disrespectfully refused to greet her male colleagues with a simple handshake, citing her Islamic beliefs.

Unwilling to sacrifice yet another aspect of their culture and heritage to the Muslim minority’s demands, school officials politely informed el-Sakka that it is a requirement for all teachers to shake hands with one another in order to show their respect and that she must follow the rules like everyone else. When she again rejected her male coworkers’ professional handshake, the school terminated el-Sakka for repeatedly and willingly violating their code of conduct.

Like clockwork, el-Sakka filed a lawsuit, claiming that the school has discriminated against her based on religious orientation, demanding that the school pay her damages totaling nearly $15,000, according to Fria Tider. However, instead of choosing to appease el-Sakka and settle outside of court, school officials came up with a brilliant response.

Not only have school officials refused to pay el-Sakka’s $15,000 ultimatum, they have turned the lawsuit around on her, charging that she has discriminated against her male colleagues and violated the school’s atmosphere of gender equality by refraining from shaking hands with men.

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On behalf of the school, Principal Lidija Munchmeyer has announced it will not offer el-Sakka a cash settlement outside of court, instead opting to fight her frivolous lawsuit with their own evidence that she has discriminated against her coworkers.

El-Sakka was likely surprised by the school’s response, expecting them to simply pay up. However, she encountered a taste of her own medicine when the school denied that they had discriminated against her and insisted that requiring all employees, regardless of race, religion, or gender, to offer the same respectful greeting to one another is pertinent to equality.

Despite there being nothing in the Quran preventing a Muslim woman from shaking hands with a man, el-Sakka is attempting to fool the court into thinking that she would be violating her religious conviction by touching a male colleague, according to TV4 News.

El Sakka claims that she is behind the so-called value base of the Swedish school, but still believes it’s “unthinkable” for her to shake hands with men over 18 years, TV4 News says.

“It is religious belief that I do this,” she said during the hearing at the Labor Court on Tuesday, pointing out that she has a limit to how close men can get her.

According to the school’s attorney, the case is unlike any other he’s seen in Swedish history, SvD reports. However, he has hope that el-Sakka’s claim will easily be dismissed.

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“It’s the first time in Europe that a supreme body is investigating the issue of handshake, as far as I know,” says Lars Bäckström, law firm of law for the newspaper on Friday.

“All religious beliefs are not subject to protection under the European Convention. I would argue that handshaking is such a trivial action that it is not protected by religious freedom. Fardous El-Sakka is a teacher. At school, pupils are at the center, and they should not be subjected to anything other than equal treatment,” he concluded.

Every country that has a growing Muslim population witnesses the same cycle. First, Muslims plead for respect and equality. Once they reach a large minority, they demand special treatment and accommodation for their religious beliefs. When they are the majority, they eradicate all minority rights, subjugating the minorities that once appeased them to discriminatory and oppressive Sharia law. One look at history proves this to be true and no amount of tolerance will change that.

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