Muslim Approaches Bank, What She Tried To Do Had Them LOCKING The Doors

Things went from bad to worse for a Nebraska bank, after they witnessed a Muslim woman approaching the entrance. However, it was what she did shortly thereafter that had employees locking the doors, and police are saying they were totally in the right for doing so.

The incident took place at Security National Bank in Omaha when a woman, believed to be Diana Renteria, approached the doors while wearing a head scarf. Unfortunately for her, she was denied entry into the building on account of security protocols as explained in a Facebook post on the matter.

Lawyer friends, please help! My friend who is Muslim went to Security National Bank on 78th and Cass today and was not…

Posted by Ferial Pearson on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Now, there is a bit of back story here. That same bank was just robbed during previous months by people wearing clothing that concealed their identity. Since then, the branch’s security measures have been revamped and now strictly outline that customers can’t enter while wearing something on their head or face that prevents surveillance cameras from getting a good look at them.

Ms. Renteria refused the request to remove the garments that were obstructing her identity, and when she took a moment to call her husband in the breezeway near the entrance, bank employees reportedly locked the doors. The two reportedly went back and forth, arguing facility protocols and religious practice. In the end, the Muslim woman removed her veil – but it was already too late as staff refused to let her in the bank.

Muslim Approaches Bank, What She Tried To Do Had Them LOCKING The Doors
Diana Renteria, the Muslim woman thought to have tried entering a bank while wearing her headscarf (Photo Source: Facebook)

Crying at this point, the distressed woman called police, who promptly arrived, but she was only given more bad news. According to police, the bank had done nothing wrong and had every right to refuse her entry into the building on account of her noncompliance with the rules. They then instructed her to open an account at the bank’s drive-thru instead.

With the post on Facebook gaining quite a bit of attention and resulting in the bank accruing its fair share of negative attention, they’ve most recently seen fit to address the situation publicly:

Security National Bank respects everyone in our community. The incident that occurred yesterday at our 78th & Cass location was in no way intended to be discriminatory. If it caused offense in any way, we are truly sorry.

For security reasons, our policy for all walk-in customers is to remove all face, eye and head coverings to allow our employees and security cameras to have a clear view of each person entering the bank. We routinely ask individuals to remove their hats, scarves and sunglasses prior to entering. This is done in an effort to keep our customers and employees safe.

What’s good for one is good for all, and when it comes to the people protecting our money on a daily basis, I’d say what they are doing is perfectly fine. The problem here is that Muslims don’t assimilate to the rules and laws of civilized countries. You don’t get to just do what you want if it breaks the rules because your religion says it’s acceptable.

If she can’t handle the way it is for everyone else in America, then maybe she should move where Muslims are the majority and Sharia law is the rule. I’d like to see her complain about the way things work over there though. My guess is that she wouldn’t like the end result.