WATCH: Muslim Men Assault Woman On Subway, Realize Huge Mistake Too Late

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Pictured: Subway Assault

A viral video has surfaced in which a group of refugees is yelling “f*ck you” to a crowd of people on a subway before brutally assaulting one woman. What happened next is the last thing these rude aggressors ever expected as they were forced to pay a painful price for their savage behavior, and they only realized their huge mistake too late.

According to The Black Sphere, the graphic video was posted to Twitter by a user known only as Kevin W. The video shows a group of Muslim refugees in China arguing and yelling at a crowd of Chinese passengers on the subway. Before things went from bad to worse, the Muslim thugs can be heard yelling, “f*ck you,” to the crowd of mostly Chinese men. The moment one of the Muslim immigrants assaulted a woman on the Subway was the moment all hell broke loose and everybody was kung-fu fighting. These Islamic degenerates had to be taught a lesson.

At the beginning of the video, the Muslim thugs can be seen standing shoulder to shoulder arrogantly yelling at the Chinese passengers on the subway. “F*ck you,” they yelled before assaulting one Chinese lady. Then, it was time for the Chinese men to make an example of these rude refugees. Instantly, the group of Muslim men gets shoved out of the subway doors and onto the loading ramp. The Muslim thugs manage to get a couple of punches in, but that was nothing compared to what happened next.

The enraged Chinese men on the subway had enough. As the video continues, they can be seen landing a barrage of brutal punches and kicks on the thugs. It is mere seconds before the Muslim thugs end up on the ground as the Chinese men continue to stomp the living daylights out of them. These arrogant morons get a serious beating in the subway station they won’t soon forget.

It appears that these third world thugs had just arrived in China from Sweden, where they were accustomed to dealing with passive men who did nothing when their women and children were assaulted. It’s a well-documented fact that Muslims commit rapes and murders on a large scale in Sweden with little or no consequence. They definitely aren’t getting away with it in China.

This viral video is good evidence that, regardless of where it happens, Muslim violence needs to be dealt with instead of brushed under the rug as if it didn’t happen. They aren’t refugees anyhow; the majority of these Muslim immigrants are fighting-age men who left their own children and wives behind to suffer and fend for themselves. American patriots won’t’ tolerate it, and apparently, neither will your every day blue collar Chinese guy.

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