Muslim Athlete Demands Special Privilege To Wear Hijab, Referee Has 3 Words

When a girl arrived at the championship game to play for her high school basketball team, she expected to wear her bulky religious headscarf while all the other students were forced to adhere to the uniform code. However, as soon as officials spotted her wardrobe, they quickly approached her and offered 3 words that squashed her hopes for special privilege.

Muslim Athlete Demands Special Privilege To Wear Hijab, Referee Has 3 Words
Muslim basketball player Je’Nan Hayes (pictured) mistakenly thought she could break the athletic association’s rule prohibiting headgear by wearing her hijab. (Photo source: InUth, India Times)

As Muslims infiltrate the West, they assure us that their religion is peaceful and compatible with our culture, values, and laws. As they gain power in numbers and influence, we find that their demands increase along with their refusal to integrate, which they excuse by their religious requirements. Unfortunately, many countries find out too late that these requirements not only dictate Muslims’ way of life but subject all others to their ideological beliefs.

Je’Nan Hayes sports one of the most prominent symbols of Islam’s oppressive and misogynistic fundamentals — the hijab. While Muslims and non-Muslim women are legally punished and honor killed for taking off this mandatory head covering under Sharia law, Hayes is one of the privileged few Muslims who ironically demands her “right” to wear it. Mistakenly, she thought she was above the rules when it came time to play in her school’s most important game of the year.

Fox News reports that when 16-year-old Hayes showed up to play for Watkins Mills High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on March 3, a referee told her that she’d have to remove her hijab if she wanted to participate because the rules state that headgear is prohibited.

“We’ve never been informed of this rule,” Ms. Hayes’s coach Donita Adams told CBS Baltimore. Her coach had no choice but to leave her on the bench. “I didn’t want to look at her and explain to her why she couldn’t play,” Ms. Adams said.

Refusing to follow the rules, Hayes opted to sit on the bench for the entire championship game, which her team ended up losing 51-36, according to The Washington Post.

“I was sad, angered, it was just a lot of emotions,” Ms. Hayes said.

As expected, Hayes is quick to play the victim, using the worn-out tactic that she suffered discrimination by having to follow the same rules as everyone else. In fact, Hayes admitted that she was allowed the special privilege of not having to obey the guidelines like all the other girls for the first 24 games of the season. Of course, this favoritism wasn’t enough for the young Muslim.

Like clockwork, Hayes complained to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a designated terrorist organization with ties to other Islamic terrorist organizations. The special interest group quickly rushed to her side, threatening to sue the state if they didn’t exempt only Muslims from the rules.

“I’d like to think the court has not played a role since we have seen a rise in discrimination,” Zainab Chaudry of CAIR said.

As usual, CAIR’s legal threats prompted the cowardly athletic association to submit to Islam. Administrators from Prince George’s County and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association pathetically promised to allow Muslims, and only Muslims, to break the rules in the future.

Although it’s hypocritical that Hayes desires to play a sport that is so empowering to women yet wears something that does exactly the opposite, she wasn’t prevented from playing, as she claims. She could’ve just as easily taken off the hijab and joined the game at any time. Since she alleges that wearing it is a choice anyway, it’s easy to see that she also chose to sit out of the game on her own.

Although moderate Muslims argue that the hijab is a “choice” and that they are not required by the Quran to wear it, this is both untrue and irrelevant. First, the Quran commands men, who “are in charge of women by right,” to force women to cover their heads. This makes the hijab a symbol of slavery, misogyny, and discrimination. Second, if it wasn’t a requirement, then Muslims have no reason not to adhere to rules in which the hijab is prohibited.

If it’s not a religious requirement, it’s their personal choice, and personal choices are no excuse to refuse to adhere. If they were, then anyone could buck the rules simply because they feel like it.

Hayes is not only enjoying the rights and privileges of a non-Muslim country, she is using them to help usher in Sharia law that will result in them being taken away from everyone else. Even more inexcusable is the fact that the non-Muslim administrators willingly bowed to this religious law out of fear of backlash.

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