Muslim Thug Bashes Wife’s Skull In With Hammer After Hearing Her 4 ‘Insulting’ Words

Muslim Thug Bashes Wife's Skull In With Hammer After Hearing Her 4 'Insulting' Words
Jamal Khan (left) bludgeoned his wife to death with a hammer (right photo for illustrative purposes) after hearing her utter 4 “insulting” words. (Photo Credit: Lancashire Police, Wikimedia Commons/Sgt. 1st Class John Laughter)

At home one evening, a man asked his wife of 23 years to perform a simple task for him, expecting her to immediately obey his order. However, as soon as he heard 4 “grievously insulting” words come from her mouth, he grabbed a hammer and bludgeoned her to death for her unforgivable offense.

During one of his sermons, the Islamic prophet Muhammad explained to his followers that most of Hell’s inhabitants are women who were condemned to an eternity of suffering for being ungrateful to their husbands. To remedy this, Islam’s “perfect man” instructed men to beat the wives they feel are dissatisfied with them, as Allah commands. Because of Muhammad’s own brutality toward women, including his favorite child bride, 91 percent of worldwide honor killings today are committed by Muslims who understand Allah’s intolerance of ungrateful women.

When 52-year-old Jamal Khan, a native of Pakistan, ordered his wife and mother to their 3 children, 42-year-old Humera, to prepare his dinner, he expected immediate obedience as the Quran requires of women. Instead, what he received was a blasphemous response that earned his beloved wife of 23 years a gruesome death sentence.

The Lancashire Post reports that after telling Humera to cook his meal, Jamal claims that he was shocked and outraged to hear her reply in their native language, “Do it yourself, monkey.” For what he described as a “grievously insulting” answer, Jamal fetched a hammer from their home in Preston, England, and bludgeoned his disobedient wife to death in what is no less than a grisly honor killing on February 15.

“This is a tragic case where Humera suffered a fatal head injury at the hands of her husband. It was a ferocious attack where she was bludgeoned to death with a lump hammer, causing catastrophic injuries to her as she was working on a sewing machine in her own house, a place where she was entitled to feel safe and secure,” said Det. Chief Insp. Claire McEnery.

When asked at Preston Crown Court if Humera had ever responded to him in such a manner, Jamal replied, “never.” Despite attempting to turn the blame on his wife for her own death, Jamal pleaded not guilty, insisting that he had only threatened Humera with the tool and never intended to use it. Jamal claimed that Humera “stood up” too fast as he held the hammer over her head, causing her to accidentally come into contact with the hammer.

“I just, because I could see the handle, I just picked it up in both hands,” he said. “I just like, tried to scare her, saying, ‘Do you want me to use this on you then?’ and I was just like not trying to hit her or anything. In the meanwhile, she just stood up and it hit her right on the head.”

Jamal told the jury that although he could tell she was severely injured, he sat on the floor for several minutes and, ultimately, decided to injury himself over his “guilt.”

“The only thing I know is I found myself sat on the floor for three or four minutes and I’m thinking I had given my whole universe. I tried to stand up and pick this hammer off her and hit my head with it, which when I tried to, I could hardly lift it.”

Luckily, the jury wasn’t convinced by Jamal’s absurd excuses. For his crimes, Jamal was sentenced on August 7 to a minimum of 16 years behind bars, which translates to life in prison, according to ITV.

Although Jamal killed his wife by using such immense force, he may be telling the truth when it comes to his claim that he didn’t intend to kill her. Aligning with his religious beliefs, Jamal may have simply wanted to “beat” her.

Quran (4:34) – “Men are in charge of women by what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in absence what Allah would have them guard. But those from whom you fear arrogance – advise them; forsake them in bed; and strike them.”

It’s possible that Jamal intended to merely “strike” Humera for disobeying him but let his anger get the best of him. If this is the case, it poses a problem for the leftists who claim that we must respect and embrace Islam. After all, if we are to respect the scriptures that tell Muslims how to pray or dress, we must also respect the passages that command them to beat women, take sex slaves, behead unbelievers, condemn homosexuals, and the list goes on.

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