Muslim Beats White Woman — Cops Arrest HER After Attacker’s 5-Word Excuse

Muslim Beats White Woman — Cops Arrest HER After Attacker's 5-Word Excuse
When Hannah James went to the police to escape Jassim Alhaddar’s physical abuse, she had no idea she’d be the one in handcuffs.

A man flew into a rage and began brutally beating his wife, leaving the young mother covered in bruises. However, after she told the police what he had done and showed them her disturbing injuries, they immediately arrested her and threw her into prison for 1 month when they heard her husband’s sickening 5-word excuse for beating the defenseless woman.

When 26-year-old Hannah James married a moderate Muslim man, she had bought into the left’s claim that jihadists are a “tiny minority of extremists.” The pair wedded, moved to Bahrain, and lived happily ever after — until she was introduced to Islam in its purest form.

The Daily Mail reports that soon after the wedding, Jassim Alhaddar turned violent. He became incredibly jealous and began beating his wife. Finally, she had enough and decided to take her young son and head back to Britain to be with her mother. This was when Jassim beat her the worst.

Covered in large bruises all over her face and upper body, Hannah went to the authorities and reported her husband’s abuse. Unfortunately, Bahrain operates under Sharia law, which not only allows men to beat their wives in accordance with the Quran but considers women to be the property of their husbands. All it took for them to lock the battered woman behind bars for nearly a month was her husband’s 5-word accusation — she’s been cheating on me.

Muslim Beats White Woman — Cops Arrest HER After Attacker's 5-Word Excuse
Although Hannah showed authorities the bruises and Jassim confessed to beating her, she was arrested and charged with adultery due to her husband’s accusation.

Although Jassim brazenly confessed to beating his wife, the police let him walk free and arrested his battered wife for adultery simply because her husband accused her of it. Under Sharia law, adultery is a punishable offense, but typically only for women. Bahrain’s legal system even punishes rape victims by forcing their male attackers to marry them, even if the victim is a child. While a man can divorce his wife for any reason, a woman may not leave even if she’s being physically assaulted.

Hannah survived in prison on a diet of 3 daily meals of rice and water. Luckily, she has been released but is not allowed to leave Bahrain, especially since her husband destroyed her passport. Now, Hannah faces 1 to 5 years in prison for committing adultery, although the authorities have no evidence other than Jassim’s accusation.

“Things became very difficult for her as she was suffering from domestic violence,” Hannah’s mother Shelley said. “He made it impossible for her to leave as he burnt her passport.He then went to the police and accused her of having an affair, so she is and has been in Bahrain prison for one month now, and is looking at a sentence between 1-5 years on the grounds of adultery.”

Muslim Beats White Woman — Cops Arrest HER After Attacker's 5-Word Excuse
Hannah is free from jail but must remain in Bahrain, facing 1 to 5 years imprisonment.

Bahrain isn’t some Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East. In fact, this country would be considered one of the “moderate, progressive Islamic countries” that leftists use as an example of Islam’s ability to reform. Its Muslim population is only 70 percent, but just imagine as they continue to outgrow the religious minorities, as they always do once they’ve emigrated.

This type of injustice is inherent in Islamic countries. In November of 2016, a 25-year-old British woman was arrested and thrown in jail after she told police in the United Arab Emirates that she had been gang-raped. The woman was charged with “extra-marital sex,” while her 2 rapists were free to take the next flight back to the UK.

Last month, the world was shocked after a Tunisian Islamic court sentenced a 13-year-old girl to marry her 20-year-old cousin when she became pregnant after years of sexual abuse. Her adult rapist went unpunished as the child victim was forced to spend the rest of her life with her abuser. Their Muslim family demanded this outcome, as they believe the pair must be married to absolve their crimes and “avoid scandal.”

Every time a Muslim rapes, beheads, or carries out a deadly terrorist attack, liberals quickly assure us that Islam is peaceful and the offenders are simply twisting its meaning. Even if this was true, it means that a 1,400-year-old ideology is so dangerously easy to “misunderstand” that it’s resulted in the slaughter of over 270 million non-Muslims.

Of course, this isn’t the case. Islam doesn’t have anything to do with peace unless it’s concerning kindness and tolerance to Muslims who are practicing it correctly. In fact, the Quran’s 109 verses commanding violence, which their prophet Muhammad modeled literally, put the falsehood that Islam means peace to rest.

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