Muslim “Bomb-Clock” Kid’s Innocent Victim Narrative Just Imploded

By now, you’ve most likely heard all about the poor, creative Muslim teen who brought a home-made clock to school, only to have the “islamophobic” principal call the “racist” police department. But there’s a detail that the mainstream media has refused to discuss, and it could completely shatter the “victim” narrative in an instance.

Ahmed Mohamed’s “bomb-clock” not only caused a scare at MacArthur High School, it created a wave across the nation. A NASA scholarship, an MIT offer, and a personal invitation to the White House were just a few of the benefits accrued by the teen’s race. No, not race — religious belief.

Muslim "Bomb-Clock" Kid's Victim Narrative Just Imploded
Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing an object that was made to resemble a weapon to school, but thanks to his faith, he is above the rules.

Never mind the children who lost their father due to the left’s fueling of a war on whites and police officers, Barack Hussein Obama dropped everything to not only commend Mohamed for sending his school into a panic, but welcomed him to bring his contraption to the White House.

The left would have us believe that being a Muslim in America gets you arrested, but the truth is that being a Muslim gets you national media coverage, activism outcry, scholarships, favoritism, and the undivided attention of our president. Perhaps if the soldiers shot in Chattanooga had been Muslims, their families might have received invitations to dinner with the Obamas. However, they didn’t have the benefit of Islamic privilege.

Muslim "Bomb-Clock" Kid's Victim Narrative Just Imploded
On the left is an actual briefcase bomb. On the right is Ahmed Mohamed’s fake briefcase bomb, and liberals think that teachers and police should automatically know the difference just by looking.

The moment Mohamed walked into the school with an invention that resembled a weapon, the teachers and police should have known he was untouchable because of his ideology. Allah forbid a white teen walk into class with an alarm clock in the shape of a firearm. Of course, he would’ve been arrested, or perhaps tackled on the spot and subsequently suspended. We couldn’t expect teachers to simply take his word that it’s only an alarm clock.

Muslim "Bomb-Clock" Kid's Victim Narrative Just Imploded
Imagine the panic and demonizing that would ensue if a non-Muslim student brought this alarm clock to school.

This religious bias was demonstrated when a 7-year-old boy bit his Pop-Tart into the shape of a pistol at lunch. There was no tweet from Obama, no special invites. The little boy was suspended before he even finished eating his completely useless “weapon.”

Muslim "Bomb-Clock" Kid's Victim Narrative Just Imploded
Josh Welch, 7, was suspended from school for biting his Pop-Tart into the shape of what teachers assumed was a gun.

School officials knew it wasn’t a gun, unless one considers strawberry paste and sprinkles ammunition. However, the youngster simply wasn’t of the right religion, and all his white privilege earned him was suspension and court appeals.

Of course, students displaying the American flag, talking about using a Hello Kitty bubble gun at home, or even wearing a pro-Second Amendment t-shirt are kicked off campus, and never once issued an invite or scholarship. Maybe if Mohamed was wearing a picture of his bomb-clock on his t-shirt, the left would think it’s grounds for reprimand.

But, apparently, if your name is Mohamed, these rules don’t apply to you. According to the left, his teacher, principal, and the police should have known that the convincing, ticking timer was nothing more than a Muslim boy’s attempt at ironic creativity.

However, I can’t help but wonder what’s next — a pressure cooker clock? How about a stopwatch that contains a retractable switchblade with the inscription “there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger?” Perhaps even an alarm clock that shouts “Allahu Akbar” every time it strikes 9:11?

If Muslims don’t want this horrific stereotype associated with their religion, maybe they should’ve stopped before they racked up a body count of 270 million non-Muslims. Heck, we’d even settle for the so-called peaceful majority protesting en masse against ISIS and Islamic terror.

Teacher Takes One Look At Muslim Teen's "Home-Made" Project, Calls Police
Ahmed Mohamed (second from left) and Alia Salem (right), Executive Director of terrorist organization CAIR-Texas Dallas Fort Worth.

Just like clockwork, Mohamed’s school has released an almost apologetic letter to parents explaining that they took appropriate action to ensure the safety of the 2,600 other students in the building. You mean to tell me that the school full of innocent children had the audacity to follow school procedure when discovering an object that could possibly be a dangerous weapon of mass destruction? What is America coming to?

Now that Mohamed has been invited to show off his clever invention to Obama, I’m positive that the American president’s security will allow him to slip right on through, not even giving a second glance at his clock. Since there’s no possible way that this device could be anything other than an alarm clock, the Secret Service should allow him entrance, no questions asked. After all, he is a Muslim, and Barack wouldn’t want to seem islamophobic, would he?

What the apologists, islamo-sympathizers, and bleeding-heart liberals have admitted is that we are a nation that holds the safety of others much lower than one’s feelings. Offense is now a deadly weapon with which those who would seek to use freedom to destroy freedom can wield unchallenged.

The priorities of our leader include the perpetuation of racism and special interests over the concerns and welfare of the majority.

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