Muslim Boxer Demands Right To Wear Beard At Golden Gloves, Officials Have Better Idea

When a boxer demanded special exemption from the rules, citing his religious requirement to grow out his facial hair, officials gave an unexpected response just in time for the Golden Gloves Tournament.

Muslim Boxer Demands Right To Wear Beard At Golden Gloves, Officials Have Better Idea
After insisting on keeping his beard, in accordance with his religious belief, a Muslim boxer was shocked to hear USA Boxing’s decision on the matter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Screenshot via YouTube)

As the tiny Muslim population grows in the West, businesses, organizations, and individuals find themselves forced to appease their list of religious compulsions. However, in Muslim-majority countries, all other religious minorities are denied basic human rights — never mind simple accommodations for lesser religious compulsions.

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Of course, the push for special privilege is also a method for the stealth implementation of Sharia law, as adherents ensure that their gracious hosts become accustomed to their subjugation one demand at a time. In the beginning, Muslims assure that they merely want the freedom to practice their religion. Eventually, they are pressuring under threat of legal action that we refrain from criticizing Islam. Every step brings this tiny yet vocal minority closer to the establishment of an Islamic state, just as they’ve accomplished in dozens of other countries to date.

When a Michigan Muslim boxer decided to grow out his beard in accordance with Islamic belief, he knew that such facial hair is against the league’s rules concerning the required headgear. Still, the devout Islamist chose to disregard the standards, demanding not only his right to practice his religion but also special privilege from the organization. Unfortunately for him, the sports institution wasn’t about to be strong-armed by a zealous athlete.

USA Boxing officials have reportedly rejected the Muslim boxer’s demand for special privilege based on his religious belief, subsequently barring him from the Golden Gloves Tournament unless he complies with the rules by shaving his beard. The decision was met with scrutiny by the Michigan Chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a designated terrorist organization, which held a public meeting regarding the issue.

During the CAIR-MI Press Conference, Muslim affiliates announced that the terror-tied organization has filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights on behalf of the Muslim boxer, claiming that he faced religious discrimination when he was barred from competing in the Golden Gloves Tournament.

USA Boxing maintains that it reserves the discretion to choose who can and cannot participate in its events based on whatever criteria it sees fit. However, this hasn’t stopped CAIR from claiming that the ruling targets its Muslim client and directly violates his constitutional freedom of religion.

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Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time CAIR has threatened legal repercussions against sports organizations for their failure to accommodate Sharia law. In 2014, CAIR-NY intimidated the NCAA into providing special privilege for a Muslim wrestler who refused to shave his beard. The wrestler was eventually granted a waiver to wear a full beard, despite the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee originally ruling that he must remove his facial hair as a courtesy to his competitors and hygiene requirement.

“Now that this individual waiver has been granted, we will work with the NCAA to change its policy to allow beards for all competitors nationwide,” said Sadyia Khalique, director of operations for CAIR’s New York chapter (CAIR-NY). The wrestler’s family initially contacted CAIR-NY, which brought the issue to the university.

“We welcome this reasonable religious accommodation by the NCAA, which will enable Muslim athletes to participate in wrestling without violating their religious beliefs,” said CAIR Staff Attorney Gadeir Abbas, who worked with the family, the university and the NCAA to obtain the waiver.

The Muslim wrestler was then allowed to compete with a beard during the 2014-2015 season as long as he wore a special face mask and chin strap.

Similarly, in 2017, a Minnesota Muslim teen boxer demanded the right to wear her hijab during matches. After she was barred from competitions, CAIR-MN got involved, bullying USA Boxing into granting the teen special religious exemption from the rule.

“We welcome this partial victory and look forward to the day when athletes of all faiths may compete nationally and internationally while maintaining their religious principles,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

CAIR then attributed their victory as a win for “all faiths.” However, only Islam is consistently demanding privilege, appeasement, and accommodation at such an alarming rate.

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While apologists argue that the endless flood of religious requirements is just a part of the Islamic faith that must be respected, those who are subjugated by these burdensome compulsions know how they are used by the Muslim minority to make the religious majority “feel subdued,” as the Quran commands.

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