‘Moderate’ Muslim Publicly Butchers White Girls, Tells Cops In 1 Word Why He Had To Do It

'Moderate' Muslim Butchers 2 White Girls In Public, Tells Cops 2 Words Why He Had To Kill Them
After having a friendly chat with 2 white women at a tourist hot-spot, Abdel-Rahman Shaaban (right) butchered them with a machete. (Photo source: Trip Advisor, The Sun)

After sitting and chatting with two white women, a man suddenly brandished a machete and gruesomely butchered the pair in broad daylight surrounded by horrified bystanders. However, as soon as police arrived, the murderer explained the incredibly disturbing reason he had to kill his conversational companions.

Despite over 1,400 years of rape, slavery, and slaughter, leftists continue to defend Muslims and their violent, oppressive ideology as if their lives depend upon it. The few liberals who don’t completely ignore this religious subjugation victim-blame, alleging that if we would simply extend love and tolerance to Muslims, terrorism would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, as several infidel women discovered, this is merely ringing the proverbial dinner bell at Muslims who are considering becoming more devoted to the Quran’s commands.

On Saturday, a group of female foreigners welcomed a young, integrated, Muslim man to sit and chat with them. Extending inclusiveness and multiculturalism, the women had a lengthy discussion with the Egyptian to find that he is a well-educated college graduate, cultural scholar, and, most of all, a “moderate” Muslim. However, they soon witnessed his transformation from their kind Muslim neighbor to a devout militant of Allah.

Global News reports that Egyptian university graduate Abdel-Rahman Shaaban peacefully chatted with 2 German women in their native language before brandishing a machete and slaughtering them at Hurghada, a popular Red Sea resort, on July 15. Shaaban brutally killed the female victims before running to a nearby hotel and attacking 4 other women, including 2 from Armenia, 1 from Ukraine, and 1 from the Czech Republic.

After completing his bloody rampage, Shaaban urged police not to worry because he was only targeting the kuffar (infidels) and would not harm Muslims.

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” Shaaban shouted in Arabic at his pursuers, according to the officials.

'Moderate' Muslim Butchers 2 White Girls In Public, Tells Cops 2 Words Why He Had To Kill Them
As Shabaan was arrested, he assured authorities that he was “not after Egyptians” but only targeted infidels. (Photo source: Global News, The Sun)

The German women died from the injuries and the four other victims sustained horrific stab wounds to the face, neck, and feet, authorities confirmed. Although Shaaban believed that all of the victims were tourists, the German women actually resided in Hurghada. Ironically yet expectedly, officials are still trying to pinpoint a motive despite Shaaban admitting to a religious and racial hate crime.

“The characterization of the action committed by the culprit, whether it is an individual act, criminal or terrorist, is not clear to the prosecution at this time,” said the statement.

The German Foreign Ministry took a less politically-correct stance, denouncing the mass stabbing as a race hate attack, according to the Independent.

“According to everything that we know, this act was aimed at foreign tourists – a particularly perfidious and criminal act that leaves us sad, dismayed and angry,” the statement said.

Egypt’s devout Muslim community has vowed, with backing by the Islamic State, to eliminate all religious minorities in the country, especially the hated Christians. While the calls for genocide are undeniably motivated by Islamic scriptures and laws, the bigotry is also political. ISIS has promised the mass slaughter of Coptic Christians as revenge in response to their support for President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who led militant action to oust Mohammed Morsi, the leader of designated terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood.

As Pamela Geller highlights, Shaaban was a potential Muslim refugee and the left’s “dreamy idea of Muslim immigration.” Of course, the rhetorical claim that not all Muslims are violent is just as illogical and irrelevant as it would be to argue that not all Nazis were violent. Both belong to an inherently violent and oppressive set of beliefs. The only problem is that the West fought and defeated Nazism while it coddles and cultivates Islam.

The Quran contains over 100 verses invoking violence and hatred toward non-Muslims with the promise of eternal reward. Not one passage has some sort of peaceful figurative meaning purposefully hidden by Allah. They are simplified mandates of slaughter for all Muslims at all times “until the religion, all of it, is for Allah alone.”

The liberal narrative on multiculturalism has burst wide-open. Not only are Westerners realizing that not all cultures, religions, and values are equal, they are finding out they’ve bought into the lie that tolerance reforms inherently oppressive ideologies.

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