Muslim Threatens To Call Cops On Man For Insulting Islam — Her Plan Quickly Backfires

Muslim Brat Threatens To Call Cops On Man For Insulting Islam — Her Plan Quickly Backfires
After threatening to call the police on a man for insulting Islam, a Muslim woman’s plan to appear as the victim has backfired. (Photo Source: YouTubee, Breitbart)

While relentlessly harassing an elderly gentleman, a vicious young woman threatened to call the police and have him arrested. However, as soon as she recorded the polite older man in a sickening attempt to bully him, she witnessed her plans immediately blowing up in her face.

As the Muslim population grows in the West, non-Muslims are witnessing the erosion of their liberties, beginning with free speech. Because blasphemy, or any legitimate criticism of Islam, was punished by the prophet Muhammad with the death penalty, even the so-called moderate Muslims push for the legal silencing of un-Islamic expression, in accordance with Sharia law.

Fulfilling her non-violent jihad, which is even more effective than terrorist attacks, one young Muslima stumbled upon an elderly infidel when she seized the opportunity to wage war on his rights and place a fatwa on his head. In a video uploaded to Documenting Oppression Against Muslim Women, an unidentified Muslim female secretly recorded an older male in what she believed would incriminate the innocent man.

In the short clip, which purposefully neglects to provide any context, the Muslim woman captures the senior citizen calmly explaining that Britons “don’t trust Muslims” because “we’ve had a lot of trouble with Muslims in this country.” After she harangues and berates him for answering her question, he explains the completely understandable and, albeit, the factual assertion by replying, “Who do you think are committing all these terrorist attacks?” In true entitled Muslim fashion, she refuses to answer the legitimate question and resorts to threatening him with calling the authorities simply for insulting Islam, merely because she was “offended.”

“How dare you?! No, you can’t say things like that. I can call the police against you,” she warns. The Muslim then proceeds to give invalid reasons for having the man arrested, including claiming that she feels that his statements were “rude” and that she feels “so unsafe” and is “so upset.”

Of course, while the UK often charges innocent non-Muslims for blasphemous speech against Islam, cleverly yet falsely called “incitement to racial hatred,” she likely failed to realize that most of the West disagree with her supremacist attitude.

Moments after uploading the video in a bid to make her seem like the victim, the young Muslim woman was inundated with comments slamming her for trying to oppress the man and trivializing the real victims of abuse.

One commenter wrote, “Where was the verbal abuse? Oh and what happened BEFORE the start of this video? Because I dont believe that gentleman just walked up and said that without any prior interaction. As for feeling unsafe ffs. Unsafe because someone was honest with you? Grow up. Unsafe is being unable to take your kids to a concert in case they’re blown up. Unsafe is being unable to let your daughters play out like normal children in case they’re targeted by rape gangs. Unsafe is being unable to be patriotic and love this country without someone accusing you of being a nazi and threatening your safety. Unsafe is having knife weilding jihadis running amok in our capital.”

Another wrote, “This is not oppression or absue. He’s simply expressing his opinion, which is valid, considering many Muslims seem to have an ambivalent stance on terrorism.”

Yet another added, “Offended by the truth. Don’t like it, bye, bye, watch the door doesn’t catch your ar** on the way out. The inability to debate is typical.”

Not one comment on the pro-Islam channel expressed sympathy or support for the Muslim woman. In fact, nearly all remarks chided the recorder for her blatant bullying of the older man who simply expressed his valid opinion.

This woman is waging jihad in a subtle yet effective way. She is helping millions of Muslims in the UK to target critics of Islam and intimidate them into silence. Just like her terrorist counterparts, she wants any debate pertaining to her religion outlawed and thought criminals punished. Of course, you’ll never catch her campaigning against Sharia law or Islamic terrorism, as there is no global Muslim movement against such things. There is only a massive outpouring of support for inhumane Sharia law, which prohibits freedom of speech and religion.

The sad reality is that this elderly man could very well face charges, despite the fact that it was the Muslim woman who is guilty of harassment. Thanks to liberal rule and Muslim growth in the UK, the non-Muslim majority isn’t allowed to speak truthfully about Islam or the effects of Muslim migration, which in itself is telling of the devastating effects.

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