Muslim Parks His Car Next To School For Sick Act, Gets SHOCK Of His Life

Stock image of a playground (left), Kadir Kadir, 33 (right) (Photo: The Mirror)

As Kadir Kadir parked his car next to an elementary school, he pulled his shorts down and began performing a disgusting sex act on himself as a large group of four to five-year-olds played on the playground only 12 feet away on the other side of the school’s fence. Little did the pervert know, he was about to get the shock of his life because of his supposed sickening moment alone.

According to Mirror, the 33-year-old married Muslim immigrant who was working as a pizza delivery driver was shocked and threw up his hands when a woman who was walking by exclaimed, “Oh my God!” as she saw him “inappropriately touching himself.” The woman then immediately called the police to report the pervert, who was touching himself just feet away from the playground of Hotspur Primary School in Newcastle, England.

The Chronicle Live reports that Kadir had been watching porn and touching himself when the horrified witness caught him near the playground fence. The Muslim father-of-two then reportedly fled the scene but was arrested by Newcastle police after a brief manhunt.

The prosecutor in the case, Holly Common, said that the Bulgarian national who immigrated to England had told police that he was just looking for a quiet place to watch porn on his phone. Kadir’s defense attorney, Neil Connell, told the court that his client’s decision to commit his disgusting act next to the school had nothing to do with there being children close by.

“The area is familiar to him [Kadir] and it was chosen because it was an area he knows would be quiet. He’s aware that a school is nearby but the emphasis is that the presence of that school had nothing to do with the activity he decided to engage in. He hadn’t seen children and, if he had seen children, he would not have stopped there,” he said.

In contrast to the defense attorney’s claims, the prosecutor said that the playground was clearly visible to Kadir through the gaps in the fence and there was no way he wouldn’t have been able to see the children playing just 12 feet away.

I don’t buy Kadir’s story for a minute. This Muslim pervert saw the young children playing on the playground and that is why he parked his car so close to the school’s fence. Far too often we hear about these sick human beings receiving lesser sentences based on some element of ignorance due to their status as an immigrant. These courts in England need to start dishing out harsher punishments for these Muslim perverts who are preying on their children.

Kadir was added to the UK Database of Online Sex Offenders Register on March 20, 2017, and is awaiting his sentencing hearing at Tyneside Magistrate’s Court on April 6. We can only hope that the judge sees through his sham story and puts him away for a few years. Please share this with others if you agree that Kadir does not deserve any leniency from the court.

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