Muslim Wants To Chat With Girl About Her Outfit, Guess What Happens Next

A shocking video is spreading around the Internet, as the refugee crisis continues to surge with Muslim men flooding into Europe from the Middle East. All caught on camera, a Muslim man wanted to have a little chat with a woman regarding her outfit choice.

Video of the incident was reportedly uploaded online back in July of last year after taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When a Muslim man spotted a woman dressed a bit too immodestly in his opinion, he decided to go over and have a little chat with her about it.

Starting out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” you can probably understand the woman’s initial reaction to argue with the man. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the lighting of the Islamist’s incredibly short and intolerant fuse.

Without a moment’s notice, the Muslim man hauled off and slapped the woman extremely hard, sending her staggering backward in shock and pain. The assault only continued from there, as fellow Muslims could be heard in the background laughing and cheering him on.

As he stepped in for another swing, the woman attempted to defend herself by hitting him with her purse, but it was to no avail. Although he missed with his second blow, he delivered another that would end in her toppling to the ground, presumably unconscious.

A fellow coward could then be seen stepping in to exchange a few words before kicking and stomping on the defenseless woman. What a nice bunch of folks, huh?


This is exactly the problem the world is facing today with the so-called Muslim refugee crisis, and it explains why the video has resurfaced. Muslims all seem to enjoy the luxuries of the West, while they call for the death and destruction of Western nations and hide behind the freedoms their host countries provide.

The thing about Muslims that you have to understand is that they do not assimilate. Islamists don’t adapt to the existing culture of the host country, they simply try to force citizens of that country to conform to their beliefs or suffer the consequences — just like the woman in this video.

The behavior seen in this video will soon be taking place on American streets. That’s the problems with liberals – they can’t see past the end of their own noses in terms of consequences when it comes to making such suggestions.

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