Muslim Leader Tries To Destroy Confederate Memorials, Americans Destroy Him Instead

Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson statue (left), CAIR’s Nihad Awad (right) (Photo credit: Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Council of American-Islamic Relations’ top dog, Nihad Awad, just announced CAIR’s campaign to make sure everything and anything connected to the Confederacy is destroyed. That includes street names, statues, and memorials. He might even dig up the dead Confederate soldiers themselves. However, poor Awad was barking up the wrong tree, and you’re going to love how patriotic Americans destroyed him instead.

The Confederacy is a vital part of American history, but now, anything associated with the Confederacy is being targeted by the left and their partners in crime, the Islamists. This is due to their fake argument that everything from the “old South” is tainted with slavery. However, history needs to be remembered — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make no mistake, these idiots care nothing about slavery; this is an assault on America itself.

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s national executive director, urged state and local governments to erase every symbol and every vestige of Confederate history immediately. “A fitting response to the deadly terror attack on anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville would be for officials in states and cities nationwide to immediately announce that every street, every school, every flag, and every public memorial honoring those who took up arms in defense of white supremacy and slavery will be removed or have its name changed to instead honor those who fought for civil rights,” Awad said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“Removal of these memorials would be a small step forward in turning the page on the darkest period in our nation’s history,” he added. However, Awad has no clue what he is talking about. His American history knowledge is at a 3rd-grade level, and that’s being generous. To Awad, the Confederacy is a bunch of evil white slave owners. To Americans, especially those from the South, it is their heritage, and even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt praised Robert E. Lee as one of the greatest generals in the history of the United States.

War is complicated and the economically poor soldiers didn’t own slaves, yet their love for their way of life, for “Dixie,” was so great that they died for it. They are a part of American history that Mr. Awad has no real insight into and has no business talking about.

He surely got that message loud and clear on social media after he posted his intentions on CAIR’s official Twitter page. Americans pretty much destroyed him by letting him know he shouldn’t be “throwing stones.”

Islam’s prophet Muhammed was a slave owner, so maybe CAIR should just throw in the towel and cancel Islam altogether. It is the same logic, right? There is rich history that these Islamists who are aligned with the radical left would destroy, like the term “stonewalled.” The term “stonewalled” comes from the Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson, who shocked everyone during the first battle of Bull Run.

During Bull Run, General Barnard Bee is said to have yelled, “Form! Form! There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally round the Virginians!” Today, there is a monument to Stonewall Jackson’s bravery, and it’s being targeted for destruction. That’s a part of American history, General Stonewall Jackson was a good man, a fine general. This must be stopped.

Those targeting General Jackson’s statue were described in the West Virginia Metro News, which reports, “Some of the attendees of Sunday’s gathering were wearing hijabs, the headscarves some Muslim women wear. Others were holding flags supporting the LGBTQ community.”

Anyone who has roots in the South will tell you about the love of their heritage, and as Americans, we all can appreciate our history. Why are Muslims and gays wanting to destroy Stonewall Jackson? I bet they don’t even know who he is, and for that very reason, they need to go home or be arrested. The majority of Americans are sick of this ruse, time to send those nutjobs home.

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