Muslim Throws Constitution In Trump’s Face, There’s Just One BIG Problem

The mainstream media is on fire, giving praise to the Muslim who threw the Constitution in Donald Trump’s face at the Democratic National Convention. The Washington Post was thrilled about his “brutal repudiation of Donald Trump,”and Hillary Clinton fans are echoing that sentiment. However, facts have now come to light, proving there’s one very big problem with what this Muslim said.

American patriots are the first people to honor and defend veterans who have fallen in battle, and most of those patriots identify more with conservatives than liberals or progressives. So, when Khizr Khan took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to rebuke Donald Trump, using his son’s death in Iraq, the far-left Hillary crowd felt they had scored huge points.

Donald Trump (left), Khizr Khan & wife at DNC (right)

Unfortunately for them, there is one very big problem with Khizr Khan’s statement. “He [Trump] vows to build walls and ban us from this country,” Khan declared. However, that is not an accurate portrayal of Trump’s stance, and with our country at stake in this election, it’s important to bring it up.

First, Khan gets Trump’s stance on Muslims all wrong. Trump is calling to temporarily ban Muslims from certain Middle Eastern countries for national security reasons. This stance comes from the information provided by Barack Obama’s own FBI Director James Comey:

FBI director James Comey said during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration says will be allowed to come to the U.S. [via Daily Caller]

If the FBI is warning us that they cannot vet these Muslim refugees, then common sense dictates that we cannot allow them free access to our country. However, this is not the way Khan represented Trump’s position. He made a blanket statement and even went on to advise Americans to “vote for the healer, vote for the strongest, most qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton, not the divider.”

There is a lot wrong with that statement — just ask the Benghazi families. They do not see Hillary as a healer or a leader. They see her as the woman who lied and left their loved ones to die. While we respect Khan’s horrible loss, we cannot ignore what’s wrong with his statement, and a recent event shows just how misguided his message is.

The American Muslim anti-terror rally held July 23 in Washington, DC was planned by a number of Muslim-American groups, expecting over 100,000 participants to show up, proving that Muslims hate terror and going on the record to show that they hate terror attacks carried out by radical Muslims. There was just one problem.

The rally was a dud with only dozens attending. The turnout was so low, it’s embarrassing. So, when liberals tell us that Muslim Americans love this country and hate the Islamic State, we should point to this rally and ask, “Where are all the moderate Muslims?”

American Muslim anti-terror, anti-ISIS rally

“Big stage, small crowd so far on Mall for anti-terror rally organized by Muslim American community,” said reporter Dick Uliano in a tweet. In another tweet, showing a picture of about 15 attendees, Uliano  said, “Small crowd mostly Muslim Americans but it’s an interfaith rally against terrorism.”

Jay Dillion responded to that tweet, saying, “Most of those people are journalists and YouTube video makers and stuff. Moslems obviously do not believe in that ‘peace’ stuff.” This reflects a poll by Al Jazeera Television Network, the largest Arab network watched in the United States, which showed that 81% of Muslims support the Islamic State.

American Muslim anti-terror, anti-ISIS rally had very low turnout.

Steve Chambers, who writes for the American Thinker, has done extensive research on the topic of moderate Muslims, and he found that moderate Muslims are a myth. To be a moderate Muslim is to not believe in everything the Quran teaches.

“It is no wonder that so many modernized Muslims keep their heads down and their mouths shut about militant Islam. They are considered apostates from Islam, and they just chose to interpret the Quran as more peaceful, ignoring its true teachings.” [via American Thinker]

Although Hillary Clinton points to working with moderate Muslims as a way to stop the Islamic State, that will never happen. There is no huge group of moderate Muslims, and that is why that rally was a dud with only dozens attending.

This is just a fact, but it is an important fact to understand when it comes to Donald Trump’s Muslim policy. Trump’s stance has nothing to do with hating all Muslims or hating Islam as Khan implied.

Khan’s speech painted a very disingenuous picture of Donald Trump. The mainstream media is elevating Khan to celebrity status, saying it was the most powerful speech given at either convention.

It was powerful in that his loss could be felt, but like all speeches, the words matter, and the words he used just don’t add up when it comes to Donald Trump. We will not be guilted into silence. Hillary Clinton’s plan to open wide our borders to Muslim refugees is dangerous, and we can’t afford one more terror attack on American soil.

[h/t Jihad Watch]

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