Muslim Cop Respected By Many, Until Fellow Officers See What’s On His Phone

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A police officer was a well-respected public servant in his community and a prime example to dispel “Islamophobia.” However, as soon as authorities saw what was on his phone, Mohammad Arshad was immediately placed in handcuffs.

Devout Muslim Mohammad Arshad might have been the poster child for Islam’s contribution to society, but fellow police officers have found that he’s contributed a bit more than desired.

Liberals have effectively silenced many into refraining from even talking about the waves of Muslim asylum seekers committing heinous crimes across Europe, but it’s not only migrants holed up in refugee centers who are prowling our streets for their latest victim.

The Daily Star reports that a UK police officer has been found guilty of 17 charges after investigators discovered horrifying images and messages on his cell phone. Mohammad Arshad, 35, used his career as a policeman to lure, groom, and sexually assault numerous vulnerable children in his personal rape ring.

Authorities found lewd pictures of children on his Blackberry phone, and more than 188 images of children were discovered on his computers upon searching his home.

After Arshad was charged with 9 counts of engaging children in sex acts, 3 counts of sex with a child, 2 counts of meeting children following sexual grooming, 1 count of rape, 1 count of forcing a child to watch sexual acts, and 1 count of paying for the sexual services of a child, the court heard the stomach-churning details of his debauched abuse.

Wearing an Islamic skull-cap as he awaited sentencing, Arshad was found guilty of molesting and raping 12 girls under the age of 16, the youngest being only 13, according to the Luton on Sunday. The thirteenth victim, a girl aged 16, was the oldest of the children, all of whom are legally too young to consent to sexual activity with an adult.

Of course, all of Arshad’s known victims were abused during his stint as a Luton officer, which he used to coerce minors into despicable acts. One brave 14-year-old girl explained how Arshad lured her into the back of his patrol car and raped her.

“We were driving along a lane and stopped and pulled into this field,” the child told the court. “His hand was rubbing my leg. I asked him to stop. He wanted me to get into the back of the car. I said, ‘No.’ He asked me 6 or 7 times. He was laughing. I can’t remember why, but I ended up sitting in the back of the car. The seats were leather.”

Arshad then pushed her down, removed her pants, and proceeded to rape her. The victim admitted that he finally stopped because of her screaming and resistance.

Arshad defended himself before the jury, claiming that he has no interest in underage girls, but that he couldn’t remember how many minors he’s had sex with.

“I don’t remember. It is hard for me to say,” Arshad testified. “It is hard for me to put a number on it.”

When prosecutor James Newton-Price asked him if he felt any guilt over contacting underage girls for the purpose of sex for money, Arshad had very little remorse.

“A bit of shame, but not if it is not illegal,” he responded. “Religiously, yes, but I have not committed a crime.”

Fortunately, the Luton judge told Arshad to expect a “substantial” prison sentence. However, it’s his defense, not just his crimes, that should serve as a warning to us all.

Not only does Arshad believe he’s done nothing wrong, he also holds his religion above the law of the land. This is consistent with Muslims in the West, especially migrants who’ve trekked from an Islamic country.

In Islam, Sharia law is above any man-made law, and it should be respected by followers as being superior. This poses a major problem for Western host countries, as violence, slavery, and pedophilia are not necessarily illegal in Sharia courts.

Because the 53-year-old Islamic Prophet Muhammad had sex with his 9-year-old child bride at the behest of Allah, it is contradictory to Islamic doctrine to outlaw pedophilia. It would literally be an admission that Islam’s “perfect man” and chosen messenger was wrong to model this behavior, and is, therefore, a hypocritical charlatan.

We are welcoming into the West a group of people who are incompatible with our laws and culture. Foolishly, we are expecting that a simple change of location will convince them to leave their lifelong beliefs behind.

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