Muslim Crosses Wrong Stylist After Demanding Men Leave So She Can Show Hair

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A woman walked into a hair salon for men and women and immediately demanded that she be served without men around so that she can remove her headscarf. Unfortunately for her, she quickly realized that she brought her entitlement to the wrong hairdresser.

Merete Hodne faces a 6-month jail sentence for refusing service to a Muslim woman but says she would rather be in a jail cell than bowing to Islamic law.

Norwegian stylist Merete Hodne was surprised when a Muslim woman walked into her establishment and requested service. Knowing that the woman could not remove her hijab and show Hodne her hair for styling, the 47-year-old hairdresser wasn’t about to bow to Sharia law and prevent male customers from entering the premises. Instead, she had a request of her own for the “modest” Muslim woman.

The Express reports that Hodne told 24-year-old Malika Bayan that she would never discriminate against her male customers to serve an ideology that forces women to cover themselves or suffer the consequences. Offended by Bayan’s demand for Sharia law and special treatment in her business, Hodne literally told the woman that she doesn’t “want this evil inside the doors where I’m in charge” and to take her misogyny elsewhere.

“I fear the totalitarian symbol of the hijab which says that I should be killed, and for me, it is quite unnatural to provide good service in my situation,” Hodne said. “As most people know hijab-clad women do not get to show their hair to men. My salon is a man and women’s hair salon. It would have been deeply discriminatory if I had banished men from the lounge because of a woman who could not show her hair to them.”

As expected, Bayan is suing Hodne for refusing to discriminate against her other customers. Ironically, Bayan is claiming that Hodne’s refusal to deny entrance to male patrons is discrimination against her as a Muslim woman.

Muslim Crosses Wrong Stylist After Demanding Men Leave So She Can Show Hair
Malika Bayan (24) shows Islam’s true colors by claiming that Hodne’s refusal to discriminate against male customers is discrimination against Muslim women.

Thanks to political correctness that gives Muslim special privilege, Hodne has already been fined over $1,000 by the police. However, she’s sticking to her beliefs by refusing to pay the fine, according to RT. She is due in court for the violation and faces a possible 6-month jail sentence. Still, she says that she will never cave.

“Evil is Islam’s ideology, Mohammedanism, and the hijab are symbols of this ideology, like the swastika is for nazis,” she explained. “I’m not afraid to lose but I won’t pay for something that is wrong. I’ll appeal to the court of human rights. I have dedicated my life to this. I’m not a racist. I am a political activist fighting against Mohammedanism of Europe. It’s not Muslims I’m critical of.”

Hodne then cuts to the point, asking accusingly why a Muslim woman knowing that she will have to remove her hijab would come to a salon where men are served. Of course, Hodne knows the reason.

“If hijab are welcome in all other haircutting salons in the country, it shouldn’t be a problem if they are not welcome at my business,” she wrote on Facebook. “I have plenty of experience and can do my job, but there are many other hairdressers who also can.”

Like clockwork, Bayan pulls the bait-and-switch, cleverly whining, “She says Islam is oppressive to women, but she is oppressing me.” However, refusing entry to male customers just so that this one woman can adhere to the requirement of not being seen by men is not battling oppression — it’s perpetuating it.

While Bayan has the guts to complain about maltreatment in the West, she’d be much quieter under the Sharia law that she so favors. Although Bayan portrays the feminist pioneer, women are fined, jailed, lashed, and honor killed for choosing to take off their head covering. Of course, Bayan wouldn’t have the problem of finding a salon free of gawking men, as gender apartheid is strictly enforced under Sharia.

If Bayan ever wanted to sue in a Sharia country, she’d better know her “rights.” When it comes to women in Islam, the Islamic prophet Muhammad penned several passages in the Quran to explain that women are less than a man and are the property of their husbands, including scripture 4:34 in which he states, “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other…But those wives from whom you fear arrogance…beat them.”

Bayan’s purpose isn’t to fight for women’s rights or snuff out discrimination. She is following Allah’s commands to spread Islam and Sharia throughout the world and “fight until the religion, all of it, is for Allah.”

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