Muslim Cuts 3-Year-Old’s Throat & Dumps Body In Shaft — Avoids Prison Due To 2 Sick Words

Muslim Cuts 3-Year-Old's Throat & Dumps Body In Shaft — Avoids Prison Due To 2 Sick Words
After brutally murdering his 3-year-old son Imran (right), Aliya Zilic (left) gave 2 words that allowed him to avoid prison. (Photo Source: The Advertiser, Perth Now)

A man heartlessly sliced open the throat of a 3-year-old boy, dumped his tiny body down a mine shaft in the wilderness, and calmly strolled back home. However, after hearing 2 simple words he uttered, the judge unbelievably decided to release the child-murderer without any prison time in one of the most outrageous cases to date.

Because of the left’s desire to tolerate Islam with the mentality that all religions and cultures are equal, the West is forced to suffer all the barbaric religious compulsions that are disproportionately committed by the tiny Muslim population. Disturbingly, instead of realizing their error and condemning the Islamic motivation behind such crimes, liberals are defending their values by excusing their behavior and allowing these Muslim criminals to re-offend.

Instead of enlightening Australia with the supposed contributions to society that Islam has to offer, Aliya Zilic enriched his community with an Islamic compulsion widespread in the Muslim world. In what should be considered an honor killing, 91 percent of which are committed by Muslims worldwide, Zilic cut his 3-year-old son’s throat like halal livestock. Then, he shouted, “Allah,” and threw his son’s corpse into a mine shaft in the South Australian outback.

After hearing the stomach-churning details of the little Imran’s murder and seeing no remorse from Zilic, the court ruled that the Muslim killer was not guilty due to his plea of “mental incompetence.” Not only did Zilic avoid prison, but he is staying in a much nicer mental health institution and is scheduled to be allowed to leave the facility on what behavior officials refer to as “day release.”

Daily Mail reports that 9 years after Zilic murdered young Imran, he will be rewarded with 24 scheduled excursions under the supervision of just 2 correctional administrators, meaning that he will be allowed to roam in public with unsuspecting civilians.

Muslim Cuts 3-Year-Old's Throat & Dumps Body In Shaft — Avoids Prison Due To 2 Sick Words
Despite cutting Imran’s throat and dumping the body in a mine shaft for “Allah,” Zilic was transferred to a mental health facility, where he is scheduled to be out in public during daytime excursions. (Photo Source: Daily Mail)

Despite Judge Margaret Nyland accepting the jury’s decision of “not guilty” by reason of insanity, Supreme Court Justice David Lovell is questioning the nature and frequency of Zilic’s planned mini-vacations. Lovell was so disturbed by the mental health facility’s announcement that he has recalled the case, which will reappear in court on July 31. Judge Lovell suspects that the institution has breached the release conditions stipulated by the court’s transfer of Zilic to the custody of behavioral health care officials.

According to The Advertiser, prosecutors accepted the argument that Zilic was schizophrenic and had no idea of what he was doing when he murdered his son. Authorities confirmed that Zilic killed his boy because he believed that his ex-wife was “possessed by demons” and “working for the devil.” Police acknowledged that Zilic killed their son to punish the boy’s mother and that he had given Imran back to Allah to right the situation. Although officials refused to consider it, Zilic’s own statements harken honor killings committed in the name of Allah to avenge wrongdoing committed by a family member.

Although Islamic law considers the killing of Muslims to be murder, as the Quran commands the slaughter of non-Muslims, there is an exception for honor killings. According to a Sharia law manual certified by Al-Azhar, the most respected Sunni cleric in the Muslim world, parents and grandparents are justified in murdering their offspring.

“…retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

Additionally, the Palestinian Authority (PA) gives pardons or suspended sentences to honor killers while countries like Iraq allow the victim’s families, who are usually the murderers or related to the murderers, to issue pardons. Pakistani female victims are often shunned by the police who refuse to investigate or allow family members to file complaints in honor killing cases.

In the West’s endeavor to enrich society with Islam, it has been introduced to Islamic honor killings, which are an intrinsic aspect of Sharia law. Sadly, instead of rejecting this cultural and religious aspect, liberals are ignoring the motivation and defending the perpetrators.

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