Muslim Girl Makes Sick Demand After Getting A Beatdown, Cops Hit Her With Brilliant Reply

A shocking video is going viral after one girl set up a fight with a few other students from her school and lost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the embarrassed girl then started to make some sick demands after getting the brutal beatdown – but they would blow up in her face as cops hit her with a brilliant reply.

Muslim Brat Has Sick Demand After Catching Beat Down, Cops Bash Her With Brilliant Reply
Images from the viral video (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The incident took place in Palm Beach Florida after Manaal Munshi, a 14-year-old, 9th-grade girl, decided to set up a fight with a few other females. With each opposing side bringing a few friends along, two groups agreed on a time and place for the altercation to take place, with Munshi leading the charge.

When everyone showed up as promised, each side unleashed a flurry of blows, but that’s not all. Since people around the school had heard about what was planned, quite a large crowd gathered before fists started flying, and a few people unsurprisingly whipped out their phones and began to record as the fight broke out.

Clearly seen in the footage, it all began when two girls started going at it, but it wasn’t long before more people became involved. Just as the two girls went to the ground, another girl could be seen jumping in on the action, resulting in two girls beating the crap out of Munshi.

Although the fight looked like it was over for a moment, with both girls getting off their opponent, it started back up when one of the fighters grabbed the Muslim teen by her hair and slammed her back on the ground. Without hesitation, the two made sure that Munshi wouldn’t try to fight them again by attempting to teach her a painful lesson.

However, the Muslim girl wasn’t done yet. Although it’s unclear what happened after cameras were shut off, they flipped back on when the fighting kicked up again.

As can be seen, Munshi and the other girl had stopped brawling long enough to get to their feet – but things wouldn’t stay that way. With the Muslims girl still spouting off, despite catching a beatdown, the other girl had enough and pulled her to the ground yet again by her hair.

Punching Munchi over and over again, the girl indicated that the Muslim was still trying to instigate as she could be heard shouting, “You want to talk sh*t, b*tch?” In the end, Munchi was left covering her face as she took the beating.

Of course, things were far from over. Too often do we see entitled brats complain when their actions have consequences, and this case is no different. Although all of the girls who participated in the fight are being criminally charged after the police got involved and uncovered the mutual decision to brawl at an agreed upon time and place, that wasn’t good enough for the Muslim family.

The Muslim family is now demanding that “hate crime” charges be filed simply because their daughter is a Muslim. After police had settled the matter, Munshi’s father, Shakeel Munshi, is now claiming that the girls were bullying his daughter because she was a Muslim, according to his Facebook post.

Too bad for him, the cops hit the man and his daughter with a brilliant reply. According to Law & Crime, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) claimed that “at NO time was race or bullying ever discussed, determined or considered to have played a role in the altercation.”

In other words, no one said anything about religion or race until after police had settled the matter, so they’re not buying it. Seeing how their daughter was charged after being discovered to be complicit in the fight, they wanted to shift the focus onto something else – and they’re hoping that political correctness helps her avoid justice.

Yet again, though, the PBSO dismantled the false claims by expressing what the fight was really about. As it turns out, they were merely arguing over a boy – and the cops are sticking to their guns when it comes to their decision.

You don’t get to pick a fight and then cry foul when you lose. It’s pathetic to lie about his daughter being a brat and then drag someone else’s name through the mud, essentially calling them a bigot, in order to cover up your child’s wrongdoing. That’s called slander – and you can be liable for damages. Hopefully, if this Muslim dad continues to slander these kids on social media over what his daughter has done, these girls sue and get the justice they deserve.

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