Muslim Dismembers & Disembowels Wife — What He Made Their Small Children Do Is Even Sicker

A man was arrested after the gruesome torture, dismemberment, and disemboweling of his wife for her disobedient behavior. However, police were even more horrified when he remorselessly explained what he made their young children do during the grisly murder.

Muslim Disembowels & Dismembers Wife — What He Made Their Small Children Do Is Even Sicker
After brutally torturing, dismembering, and disemboweling their mother, a Muslim father confessed to authorities what he forced his young children to do. (Stock images for illustrative purposes only, Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Pixabay)

At the left’s insistence, the West has opened its doors to the ceaseless flood of un-vettable migrants. As predicted and repeatedly proven throughout history, this has led to the spread of violence and oppression. Disturbingly, instead of combatting this threat, liberals blame the critics, criminalizing all examination of Islam’s commands. Of course, this only empowers the tiny minority without fear of fingers pointing to their motivation.

Media outlets shook at reports of a July 2016 murder so gruesome that even authorities described it as one of the most grisly murders in Australia. Officials confirmed that a 35-year-old Muslim man, who remains unnamed for the safety of his children, brutally tortured, dismembered, and disemboweled his 27-year-old wife after she refused to allow him to join the Islamic State in Syria.

The victim, who was discovered in a bush by joggers, reportedly had her right eye gouged out, 2 of her fingers severed, and had been butchered by her husband before bleeding to death. The woman was so disfigured that it took authorities weeks to even determine her gender, as her genitals had been severely mutilated as well. Police confessed that she had been practically reduced to “nothing but blood.”

Most disturbingly, the pair’s children were the ones who tipped off a teacher, who then reported the disappearance to authorities, admitting that they had witnessed their father slaughtering their mother like a piece of meat. However, the biggest shock came when the sadistic murderer proudly admitted what he forced his young children to do while he chopped up their dying mother.

Breitbart reports that the Muslim murder confessed to forcing his children, aged 2, 4, and 6, to watch as he disemboweled and dismembered their mother because it would help them to “grow up to be stronger.”

According to the Herald-Sun newspaper, in his police interview, when an officer said it was one of the worst cases he had come across, the accused man replied, “Grow a gut for it as in the Middle East it’s normal.”

When it was suggested he had put his children through hell, he said, “If they’ve gone through hell, they’ll grow up to be stronger.”

Understandably, the children are traumatized by the event as they still struggle to grasp what their father did to “mummy.” According to 9 News, the 2 older youngsters told police that they had witnessed their father gouge out their mother’s eye and flush it down the toilet. The man then took the children to dump the body in a wooded area before treating them to pastries at a local bakery.

“The accused set upon a prolonged and vicious attack on his wife, murdering her in front of their three children,” prosecutor Sharn Coombes told the court. “The two oldest children described their father having ‘slaughtered’ their mother in front of them.”

Now, the ISIS sympathizer hopes to plead not guilty to murder, claiming that he was in a drug-induced state at the time. However, his psychiatrist testified to his religiosity as a motive, stating that he poked out her eye in accordance to portray the one-eyed Islamic Anti-Christ called Dajjal, who he claimed his wife was.

“He told a psychiatrist he had been convinced his wife was a monster sent from [Allah] to kill him,” the barrister said.

“Muslim tradition holds that the Anti-Christ has one eye, and often that the right eye is missing, or is blind in the right eye,” the document says. “This may bear connection with the accused removing the right eye of the deceased.”

Fortunately, the prosecutor is seeking life in prison without a chance of parole, arguing that the murder was especially cruel and calculated.

Ms Coombes said the man’s extreme interpretation of Islam – including an interest in jihad and desire to fight in Syria – “culminated in this vicious and cruel murder”.

She said the woman’s murder was “the ultimate act of family violence”.

“He should be sentenced to the maximum penalty in this case, without parole,” she told Justice Lex Lasry.

Of course, the justice system is avoiding any talk of Islam, although his actions and motivations are directly related to his beliefs. First, the man reportedly abused his wife, which is commanded by Quran 4:34. Additionally, he forced her to wear an Islamic veil, which 33:59 commands men to force women to do. Most importantly, he murdered his wife because of her disobedience. This equates to an honor killing, of which 91 percent worldwide are committed by Muslims.

If we turn a blind eye to the motivation behind this violence, we are supporting the misogyny, oppression, hatred, and violence that it compels. We must stand against any such belief system in order to stand against these horrific acts that are committed in its name with its consent.

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