Muslim Disrupts Peaceful Rosary Prayer, Finds Not All Catholics Are Pushovers

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As a group of Catholics was peacefully praying in protest of the closure of a local church, a thug walked up and began blaring his music to disrupt the prayer. After one brave man from the Catholic group stood up from praying the rosary, the thug instantly realized that not all Christians are intimidated by bullying tactics.

When a Muslim attempted to shut down a peaceful prayer, one protester stood up and showed him that not all Christians are passive.

In Sharia countries, religious minorities are denied basic rights and often fear for their lives if they do not adhere to Islamic laws and customs. In the West, the Muslim minority still intimidates the Christian majority that’s fought to protect the laws that offer such other ideologies tolerance.

Fortunately, there are still a few who are willing to stop at nothing to defend their religious freedoms from those who would outlaw them. Of course, once these peaceful non-Muslims stop allowing their tolerance to be exploited and start fighting back, the Muslim minority doesn’t seem to like it so much.

A group of around 20 French Catholics was quietly praying the rosary in Paris just hours after the funeral of Father Jacques Hamel, the priest who was recently “beheaded” by Muslims in Normandy. The worshipers were peacefully protesting the closing of the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels when suddenly a man, who is reportedly Muslim, walked up and purposefully attempted to shut down their demonstration.

Blog Catholique reports that the unknown man approached the group and began blasting music to stop the Catholics from completing their prayer. It was then that one of the worshipers rose from his knees and turned to confront the man before delivering a monstrous punch that instantly knocked out the Muslim.

The Muslim man hits the ground as spectators and demonstrators appear confused and horrified. The protester grabs the unconscious man and pulls him from the sidewalk before the footage cuts off.

According to the Daily Mail, there have been no arrests and it is unclear whether the Muslim man suffered any severe injuries.

The French blog states that the man was “chastised for his rudeness” by “a soldier of Christ.” The medium added that although the West has advocated far too long for peace, its pleas have gone ignored and it is now the time to “take up the sword” and defend itself from its enemies.

Of course, the leftist media is outraged over this individual act. However, it’s ironic that the same media that exhaust themselves defending Islam are quick to condemn the Christian majority at any opportunity.

The Mail Online wasted no time or research in calling the offender both a “Christian” and a “Catholic fundamentalist,” even though the man remains unidentified and it hasn’t been reported if he attended any church. However, when Muslims shout “Allahu Akbar” and quote from the Quran while beheading or blowing up non-Muslims, the leftist media is careful to refer to them as “radical” and “extremist.” Furthermore, their favorite excuse is that the Muslim suspect clearly has “mental issues” and his violent act, although commanded in the Quran, has “nothing to do with Islam.”

When Muslims threaten, persecute, rape, assault, behead, and bomb, the Muslim community automatically runs to Islam’s defense and subsequently whines about Islamophobia. On the other hand, when non-Muslims fight back against this intimidation and oppression, they are called bigots and racists.

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