Muslim Makes Doll To Teach Kids About Islam, Viewers Immediately See What It’s ‘Missing’

Imam Adam doll (Photo Source: YouTube/Dead Spinster)

A Muslim man from New Jersey has created a doll named Imam Adam to teach American children about Islam and “deter Islamophobia.” Now, angry viewers on social media are telling him exactly what they think of his doll while pointing out that it is missing some very important things.

According to BizPac Review, 33-year-old Danny Shakoj from New Jersey has caused quite a stir on social media with his new children’s Muslim doll named Imam Adam. The plush toy comes with a book which is aimed at teaching “ignorant or bigoted” American kids how not to be an Islamophobe.

Shockingly, many Muslim viewers have had the same reaction to the doll as a lot of American patriots — they hate it. A number of people on social media immediately noticed a few things that the Imam Adam doll was missing.


One Twitter user named S. Cooper wrote, “Muslim doll is missing accessories: Beaten Wife, Sex Goat, Sex Boy, Bomb Vest, Scowl, and string, that when pulled, yells Allahu Ahkbar.” Another person with the username Opinyn responded to Shakoj’s doll, “With a stuffed toy. That should solve Islam’s terrible reputation. No doubt about it.” Twitter user Bugsie wrote, “Why don’t he have a full Hajib doll with chains on it!” Last on my list but definitely, my favorite is Twitter user Tom Orr, who wrote, “How about a real toy of a Jihadist with a bomb strapped on him. Explaining what Muslims believe about killing the non believers.”

I would have to agree with these Twitter viewers. The Imam Adam doll is missing a few things that would help to more accurately represent “the religion of peace.” Perhaps Shakoj could produce a second doll which comes with a suicide vest or box cutter. Or better yet, why not make it more realistic by giving Imam Adam a cage full of little children dolls who appear to be burning alive? Shakoj isn’t fooling anyone with his attempt to brainwash American kids by using a kids toy.

Shakoj can try to pedal his dolls to the Muslim crowd, but from the looks of it, they don’t like his doll either. One Muslim Twitter user named Hasan Naseem wrote, “What da f*ck is this? U should b ashamed.” Another Muslim on Twitter named Abdool Kader Syed wrote, “Sunnah is “path/practice” of Qur’an, not something said/done “outside” of it.”

According to The Rightly Report, Shakoj said, “I’d like people to get a different perspective on Islam .… Usually, with younger kids, parents will read to them, so this way both the parents and the kids get the information.” It’s clear that Shakoj is targeting children with his doll and the sad fact of the matter is that there are probably a large number of liberal idiots out there who will buy the doll for their kids in the name of tolerance.

The funny thing is that these are the same liberals who won’t tolerate conservatives and aggressively try to get them fired from their jobs or destroy their conservative owned businesses. This is just more proof that the stupidity of the left never ends and that most of them have a death wish infatuation with Islam.

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