Muslim Father Murders Newborn When He Notices His Baby Is ‘Different’

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A man went with his wife to the hospital, eager to welcome his child into the world. However, as soon as his poor wife completed the difficult delivery, the father took one look at his newborn and strangled the helpless infant just hours after birth — all because he saw something “different” about the baby.

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Muslims are responsible for 91 percent of the world’s honor killings, and while most of these deaths are in response to un-Islamic behavior, some of the victims have committed no more serious an offense than simply existing.

A man was arrested in Kasur, Pakistan, after he killed his baby only a few hours after birth because the infant dishonored him by being born a girl. The Express Tribune reports that while Shamim Bibi was still recovering from delivering the healthy baby girl, Sher Alam took his own child, brutally strangled her, and buried her tiny body in the courtyard behind his home.

“Soon after I came back home with the baby girl, my husband Sher Alam became furious, snatched her from my hands and strangled her to death,” Shamim said.

Shamim explained that her husband was so desperate for a son that he would rather murder his own flesh and blood than have a female child.

“He [told] me that he didn’t want a girl and I replied that it was the will of Allah not theirs,” she said in the complaint, further adding, “he strangled the baby after snatching her from my hands and later buried her in the room.”

Sher then threatened to kill Shamim if she told anyone what he’d done, but her confession wasn’t even necessary. Shamim’s sister Fatima Bibi and brother-in-law Muhammad Sarwar overheard the argument and quickly informed police of the situation, according to the Daily Pakistan.

Police have charged Sher with murder after recovering the corpse of his dead child.

The news comes on the same day that another Muslim man attempted to smother his 2-month-old son because he was annoyed by the child’s crying. The Daily Mail reports that the mother found her husband suffocating the baby with a pillow “to end its screams,” so she grabbed a knife and stabbed the man to death in Saudi Arabia.

In May, a “dishonored” Muslim man was so enraged that a male doctor saw his wife naked during the delivery of his child that he took out a gun and shot him. The father told the doctor that he wanted to properly thank him for assisting in his wife’s delivery. The father nearly killed the doctor at the King Fahad Medical Center in Saudi Arabia but, thankfully, the injured man was able to receive the immediate medical attention that saved his life.

In December, a Muslim woman was so ashamed that her father had raped her 2-year-old daughter, she decided to restore family honor by drowning the little girl in her bath water. The Egyptian woman and her father were arrested after police found the body of the little girl with severe internal injuries.

There are also countless cases of Muslim fathers, mothers, brothers, and cousins killing female relatives for practicing “Western” behavior, including dating, refusing to wear the hijab, and using a cell phone.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t build a strong case for Islam when the Quran commands Muslims to beat women who are disobedient because their worth is only half that of a man. Oddly, you never hear much out of feminists on this topic.

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