Sick Muslim Father & Son Give Sister More Than A Bite Of Bread She Made

Sick Muslim Father & Son Give Sister More Than A Bite Of Bread She Made
Aneeqa’s father Khalid (left), and her unnamed brother (right). Last name of all three not released

Of all the atrocities in Islam, the worst are those inflicted on innocent children at the hands of their parents and siblings. Muslims know no bounds when following Sharia law, and the depths they will go to are ever increasing, along with the simple reasons for such retaliation is warranted in this evil religion.

What a father did to his little girl with the help of her brother, reportedly set a new precedent of barbaric abuse in the area where the family lives, only made worse by what she did to “deserve” it.

At just 13-years-old, Aneeq was fulfilling the roll forced on her as a young Muslim female, by making the men in her home food. It was an otherwise average day in Islam, as the family from the town of Azeem Park in Pakistan, went about their routines until Aneeq made one small mistake that resulted in massive punishment. reports that the girl had been preparing “roti,” which is flat round bread, much like a pita. When the fresh baked snack didn’t yield a perfectly round shape, as her father Khalid likes it, he decided to punish his daughter in a way Sharia law celebrates. Khalid asked his son to join in, presumably so he too could get a lesson in how to brutalize a woman, and the two of them gave the girl a beating of a lifetime on Wednesday.

Sick Muslim Father & Son Give Sister More Than A Bite Of Bread She Made
Example of “Roti,” which the girl didn’t make perfectly round

Aneeqa’s mother stood by and watched her husband and son bludgeon this girl to the edge of death, helpless to the Islamic rule she’s oppressed under. Once the heartless father and his boy felt that their deed there was done, Aneeqa had fallen unconscious. They scooped her up and took her to the hospital, only after her older sister insisted they do so.

But it was too late, the damage was already done, and the young teen succumbed to her brutal injuries en route to get medical help.

Investigators in the town soon learned of the daughter’s death and questioned the father and son, who put on quite a show of innocence including crying fake tears of sorrow for this girl’s untimely death. But their Sharia-covering charade was quickly realized, and both men were taken into custody for killing Aneeqa.

Killing a child over the shape of the bread, or any other innocuous mistake, is permissible under Sharia law which states that intentional murder as retaliation is a right of a parent or grandparent under Islamic law, Jihad Watch notes. This deplorable honor killing is just another example in a long list of vile acts within Islam, as to why it has no place in America, but also the world. There is nothing kind about this religion and every reason to discredit the claim that this it’s the religion of peace.

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