Muslim Franchisee Demands KFC Give In To Him, Owners Slap Him With Perfect Response

Muslim Franchisee Demands KFC Gives In To Him, Owners Slap Him With Perfect Response
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An Illinois franchisee recently got it into his head that he was going to operate his business under Sharia law and started to make a few demands of KFC. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t exactly work out as planned – and now, he’s suing after the chain’s owners slapped him with the perfect response.

There’s no arguing that Muslims here in America have become rather demanding, especially over the past 8 years as their ideology was adamantly defended by the left and former President Barack Obama. However, we’re now seeing that they want to take civilized American culture and turn it into something that resembles the Middle East.

Proving just that is Afzal Lokhandwala who operates eight KFC stores in Chicago, Illinois. According to Court House News, the man has been serving customers certified halal chicken for more than a decade – but that just came to a grinding halt.

Come to find out, KFC decided to slap the man with the perfect response after growing tired of him breaking the rules. You see, KFC has a strict policy which prohibits franchisees from making religious claims about the chain’s food.

As Lokhandwala took it upon himself to serve meat that is prepared in a violent and inhumane fashion on account of his religion, KFC has since hit him with the perfect response. As Bare Naked Islam reports, “KFC in America will NOT allow its Muslim franchisees to sell Islam-approved ‘halal’ chicken.”

Of course, the entitled Muslim is furious and has since filed suit against the chain, saying KFC failed to include notice of such a policy in its franchise agreement:

“Thousands of Muslims within the Chicago metropolitan area eat at Plaintiffs’ restaurants because they know Afzal is Muslim and the restaurants sell Halal chicken,” the lawsuit states. Afzal says that if he’s no longer allowed to serve certified halal chicken, he’ll lose his Muslim customer base and will likely be forced to close four of his eight locations, putting as many as 80 people out of jobs. [Source: Eater]

Unfortunately for him, things just got worse because it looks like KFC isn’t backing down after the threat of a lawsuit. Even better yet, the chain will be fighting the suit with everything they have and even offered a reason why:

Unfortunately, we are not able to make religious claims, such as Halal or Kosher, about KFC products at this time. There are two barriers that we are not able to overcome. First, there are different interpretations of these terms within the same religious faith. Second, KFC cannot certify that in-restaurant preparation and cooking processes meet religious guidelines, for example restricting contact with non-Halal or non-Kosher food. [Source: Eater]

This is America and people have the right to run their businesses however they please, but being a franchisee means you have to follow the rules of the chain. If they don’t like those rules, no one is forcing them to be part of the franchise. That’s a choice, and much like everything else, it’s time they either learn to comply or just get out and go somewhere that already follows their religious demands.

On another note, there’s just something exceptionally spectacular about the way that KFC ultimately told Muslims that it’s their fault they can’t serve “halal” meat since the religion can’t even get the interpretation of the process straight among various sects.

Imagine, just for a moment, that KFC said franchisees could sell “halal” meat and then certain Muslims found out it wasn’t prepared the way they interpret the Quran. Who gets sued? KFC. Why would anyone in their right mind open themselves up to more potential lawsuits?

At the end of the day, the only thing that Muslims are doing here is showing just how entitled they are. If you don’t like customs here, go back to the Middle East where you’re forced to abide by Islamic Sharia law. Until then, don’t complain when something doesn’t go your way – especially when it’s your fault in the first place.

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