Muslim Gang Drugs & Rapes Woman Several Times, Leaves Nasty ‘Gift’ Behind

After going out with friends, a woman was shocked to wake up in an apartment after having just four drinks. Unfortunately, she would only later learn that she had been drugged and raped several times by a group of men, only to find that they left a sick “gift” behind once they were done — but it was one they would quickly come to regret.

Stock images to depict Muslims (left) and a violent gang rape (right)

The incident took place after a woman by the name of Chelsey Wright decided to go out for a few drinks with family and friends in Sutherland, England. Saying that she is very family oriented, Chelsey claims that it is a “very rare” occasion for her to go out and have fun this way.

Despite this reality, the group headed to a local pub and had a drink before heading to a new location. Once there, they repeated the same steps, often called “bar hopping,” until she reached the fourth pub. There, Chelsey states that everything took a turn when her fourth drink would do her in – but not for reasons you might expect.

According to the woman, she states that she doesn’t even remember ordering a drink and dancing, leading many to believe she was drugged seeing how the previous drinks likely wouldn’t have got her to a “blackout” phase. For reasons unknown, Chelsey got separated from her friends, which is when the unimaginable happened.

You can imagine the woman’s shock and horror to wake up a few hours later in a strange place, lying in bed next to a man she’d never met before who would later be described as a Muslim. Unfortunately, things would only get worse from there as she got out of bed and attempted to leave.

In inexplicable pain and wearing only her panties, Chelsey ran to the door, only to have the man in the bed wake up and violently grab a hold of her.  “My head was pinned against the door, the door was locked, and at this point, I screamed and kept screaming for help,” she recalled. “I was locked in a room with a strange man.”

Sadly, the Muslim man reportedly told Chelsey, “You’re not getting out,” while laughing and bashing her head against the door. It was only after the man opened the door to let another Turkish looking man in that she was able to force her way out of the room – but things were far from over.

With the Muslim man in hot pursuit, the victim was kicked down the stairs only for her attacker to grab her by the hair and drag her back up to the apartment. Still fighting, Chelsey was able to get away but was met by 3 more Muslims who were waiting downstairs for another turn with her.

According to her, the Muslim gang pinned her against the wall by her arms and told her that they would “slit” her throat if she continued to resist them. Fortunately, that wasn’t a reality that Chelsey was willing to accept, prompting her to fight more and eventually free herself from the home altogether.

After getting outside and recognizing the neighborhood, she ran to her uncle’s house who immediately took her to the hospital. Once there, Chelsey would find out that she was raped several times and sustained a series of bruises, lumps, and burns that covered her from head to toe – and that’s when doctors found the little “gift” that the Muslim rapists had left behind.

Come to find out, the Muslims didn’t bother to use a condom, meaning that their DNA was inside of the woman. In the meantime, police arrested 6 immigrant men from Syria and Iraq inside the home where Chelsey said the assault took place.

After a few DNA samples, results linked the men to the vicious crime, prompting their case to go to trial. Currently, the courts are hearing the case, where the men are expected to go to prison for quite some time before eventually being deported.

This shocking ordeal proves why it’s imperative that the left stops ignoring the truth about Islam. With Islamic scholars even teaching Muslims that it’s acceptable to victimize the kafir (non-Muslims), it’s appalling to hear that anyone could condone such a belief. Sadly, that’s still the case when it comes to the left – and I doubt they’d be so willing to defend these people if Chelsey was their daughter, sister, or mother.

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