Smug Muslim Dons Hijab For Interview, Boss Slaps Her Supremacy With 5 Words

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When a woman applied for an airport position, she showed up to the job interview wearing a hijab and warned the employer that he must respect her religious compulsion. However, as soon as she finished her interview, the boss had just 5 politically incorrect words to slap the entitlement right off her privileged face.

Aye Alhassani (left & center), the head of SAS relations Fredrik Henriksson (right) (Photo source: Petterssons Blog, Fria Tider, SAS)

When Aye Alhassani applied for a job at SAS airport in Stockholm, Sweden, she knew she had the upper hand to intimidate the Scandinavian airline into giving her special exemption from the strict dress code. Believing she could bully the employer into allowing her to wear the religious symbol, Alhassani purposefully targeted the airline, donning the hijab during her interview.

Despite qualifying for the position, head of SAS media relations Fredrik Henriksson wasn’t about to grant her favoritism that all others weren’t afforded. When Alhassani informed him that her hijab is an Islamic compulsion, he immediately silenced her by responding that her headscarf is “incompatible with the airline’s regulations” and informed her that she would not be given the job unless she came back and reapplied in the proper attire, Expressen reported.

Although he knew his airline would be at risk for a major lawsuit, Henriksson refused to back down and cave to Sharia law. As expected, Alhassani immediately threatened to take SAS to court for discrimination and started a Facebook page dedicated to growing a boycott of the well-known airline. While many leftist media hastily latched on to the story in her favor, the investigative journalists who are often labeled “fake news” by biased major outlets quickly uncovered the sinister secret the mainstream media refused to look into.

Rebecca Weidmo Unvell soon debunked Alhassani’s claims of discrimination, exposing Facebook posts in which the Muslim woman admitted to donning the hijab solely to target the airline and plotting the lawsuit and boycott. Unvell found comments from Alhassani that bragged about her plan to further Sharia law by applying only to the one airline and immediately planting the story in the liberal media.

Just days after the interview, Alhassani and her friends were caught celebrating her forfeiture of the job as part of their plot to not only destroy the airline’s reputation but also spur Islamic activism that seeks to force aspects of Sharia on the public.

Smug Muslim Dons Hijab For Interview, Boss Slaps Her Supremacy With 5 Words
Alhassani and her activist friends were caught boasting, “We did it,” and, “Really good PR work,” as they plotted to target the airline, proving that she donned the hijab to file a frivolous lawsuit. (Photo source: Rebecca Weidmo Unvell)

Even more disturbing is Alhassani’s hopes that the story would gain the attention of Turkish media and dictator Recep Erdogan in an effort to involve the Islamic State. The woman had aspired to use the Muslim tyrant to pressure the Swedish court system to set a legal precedence of Sharia compliance, a move that should be looked at as treason.

In Facebook posts, Alhassani and her comrades were caught admitting to focusing on “this case” in which they sought to provoke the airline to deny her application over the known dress code, prompting a major legal battle. Of course, these incriminating posts and comments were quickly deleted after they were exposed, but not before Unvell screen captured them.

Alhassani’s own admission to targeting the airline for a frivolous lawsuit and boycott are more than enough for the court to dismiss the case. However, Henriksson already has the justice system on his side as similar lawsuits have already swayed in favor of the employers. According to Fria Tider, Henriksson cited two other cases in which the Swedish courts ruled in favor of the companies to enforce their dress code over religious symbols.

Like all “moderate” Muslims demanding their right to practice Islam, Alhassani is manipulating our freedoms against us to implement Sharia law. Islam requires Muslims to not only follow Sharia but establish it in all countries by whatever means necessary. Muslims know that they could never overtake a Western country by physical war, so they have resorted to migrating, populating, and utilizing the legal system in a bid to enforce their religious requirements on the masses.

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