Muslim Illegal Alien Drags Off Girl For Rape — Should’ve Known What Was Around The Corner

Muslim Illegal Alien Drags Off Girl For Rape — Should've Known What Was Around The Corner
While dragging a woman to her rape (right photo for illustrative purposes), Moroccan migrant Housny Boulaiz (left) discovered what was just around the corner. (Photo source: The Sun, Newsmarg)

When a sadistic migrant spotted a young woman walking alone in a car park one evening, he grabbed her and dragged her off to a secluded area to brutally rape her. Unfortunately for him, he never suspected what was waiting for him just around the corner.

In the name of multiculturalism, liberals demand we import millions from a culture that has repressed every other in its own countries. Concealed with the lie that all cultures are equal and should be tolerated, the West has been introduced to Islam’s most widespread contributions — persecution, slavery, rape, and slaughter. Luckily, one victim of the left’s multiculturalism was saved by an aspect of our superior culture.

As a young woman was walking through a parking lot in Canterbury, England, on November 5, failed Muslim “child refugee” Housny Boulaiz, 18, pounced on her in a vicious sex attack. After overpowering his victim, he dragged the young woman away to a secluded area, thinking he was free to carry out his barbaric debauchery. Unfortunately for him, not all men in the UK are liberal pansies.

The Sun reports that just as Boulaiz was about to rape the girl, 3 good Samaritans rounded the corner and immediately sprang into action. Without hesitation, heroic infidels Edd Withers, 30, Charlie Vanstone, 23, and Same Eagleson, 23, set upon the Moroccan illegal immigrant. Terrified at the sight of them, the cowardly Muslim migrant showed his true nature, hastily fleeing the outraged trio.

Muslim Illegal Alien Drags Off Girl For Rape — Should've Known What Was Around The Corner
Left to right: Charlie Vanstone, Sam Eagleson, and Edd Withers are being lauded as heroes for stopping and pursuing the migrant rapist. (Photo source: The Sun)

Unfortunately, the men couldn’t catch the migrant rapist to deliver a bit of deserved mob justice. However, they miraculously showed up in the nick of time to rescue the woman before Boulaiz could carry out his heinous deed.

Understandably, Withers, Vanstone, and Eagleson are being lauded as heroes, which they’ve humbly shrugged off to remind others that it was simply the right thing to do. Now, the public is calling for them to be honored with an award.

“I only just saw it out of the corner of my eye, but it just didn’t look right,” said Withers. “We went over there and he was literally in the process of assaulting the young woman. He was lying on top of her and no one knows really what might have happened. The girl was very shaken up by it.

“We were just in the right place at the right time. Canterbury is a pretty loving city, but obviously, it can attract the wrong people. It’s frightening, but I’ve been in Canterbury 10 years now and nothing like this has ever happened to anyone I know,” he added.

Muslim Illegal Alien Drags Off Girl For Rape — Should've Known What Was Around The Corner
The 3 “good Samaritans” humbly confess that they “were just in the right place at the right time.” (Photo source: The Sun)

Although Boulaiz was convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault, the Canterbury Crown Court only sentenced him to 3 and a half years at a juvenile correctional facility, Breitbart reports. Despite having his asylum application rejected and boasting a previous criminal record as a member of a migrant gang, Boulaiz will not only be out of jail in no time but is likely to be allowed to remain in Sweden.

Judge Heather Norton described the failed asylum seeker of no fixed abode as “well-practised and predatory.” Sentencing him to serve his time at a young offender’s institute, she told the Moroccan: “It is likely at the end of your sentence you will be deported – but that’s not a matter for me.”

Although Boulaiz immigrated to the UK at age 10, like many, he refused to assimilate. Despite receiving tolerance and respect for his culture and values, he brutalized his hosts and took advantage of their hospitality. Such is his culture, and we are condemned if we don’t respect that.

Britain’s tolerance has gained them a ceaseless flood of migrants who despise their Western way of life and seek to establish their own, as they’ve done in over 50 Muslim-majority countries. Even though Islam has brought nothing less than violence and oppression in every nation it’s infiltrated, Western liberals seem to think that this time they can tame it by bowing down and appeasing its demands.

Luckily, the majority of these Muslim migrant rapists are pathetic cowards who target helpless women and children because they are the only citizens they can overpower. If more men will stand up to these cretins in the same way these good Samaritans did, they will be fleeing in droves.

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