Muslim Imam Rushed To ER, What Docs Remove From Rectum Gets Him Fired

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A well-known imam rushed to the emergency room, complaining of severe abdominal cramps and bleeding from his anus. Screaming at ER personnel to help him immediately, doctors were shocked by what was causing his symptoms. Now, he is suspended, pending a further investigation, and you’ll be sickened by what was found in his rectum.

Imam (left), x-ray of rectum with foreign body (right)

An imam in Turkey, who is described as a thirty-nine-year-old well respected Muslim leader, is facing total disgrace following a trip to the emergency room. Although his name has not been disclosed, those doctors working in the emergency room leaked information about his peculiar visit to the press after they became totally disgusted with what they found lodged in his rear end.

According to the Dogan News Agency, doctors at a Central Anatolian province hospital allege that on June 24th a local imam presented himself to the ER complaining of severe abdominal pain with anal bleeding. Doctors found big pieces of cucumber lodged in his rectum. The official diagnosis was “bleeding in the anus and rectum and foreign object in the rectum.” 

The news report went on to say, “After the story made it to the local press, an official investigation has been launched by the local branch of the Religious Affairs Directorate, or Diyanet, of which the imam was an employee.”

The Chamber of Doctors’ Human Rights Commission, a professional organization, went on to slam whoever leaked the information.

“The imam applied to a hospital for a medical condition, it is a crime to have leaked the information of a patient,” said Ardıl Bayram Şahin, a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Doctors’ Human Rights Commission.

“We do not know what the official investigation is about, but suspension is unacceptable,” he added.

“Such rights violations may prevent people with various sexual practices, especially those who are public employees, from seeking medical assistance,” Şahin warned.

Ardıl Bayram Şahin went on to say that he feels it is unfair that the imam is suspended or that there is an investigation. “Such rights violations may prevent people with various sexual practices, especially those who are public employees, from seeking medical assistance,” said  Şahin.

Talking about basic human rights and sexual practices is rich, coming from someone in Turkey where one-third of all marriages involve child brides. Not to mention, Turkey is an Islamic country and there is an epidemic of Muslim men sodomizing young boys. I guess this imam had to resort to his cucumber. That is not a sexual practice, that is a sexual perversion.

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