Muslim Imam Refuses To Swear On Constitution, Judge Refuses Something Of His

Muslim Imam Refuses To Swear On Constitution, Judge Refuses Something Of His
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano backs an Italian court’s decision after a Muslim imam refused to swear on the constitution.

After a Muslim refugee was granted asylum and benefits, he immediately began preaching in his mosque that congregants should adhere to Sharia law, treating women and non-Muslims as inferiors. However, as soon as a judge heard about the imam’s bigoted sermons, he decided to show the Muslim supremacist what happens when you refuse to assimilate.

Although Sharia law is a governance based upon the Islamic religion, all living within its reach must conform to its inhumane legislation regardless of religious beliefs. While Western law fervently protects religious freedom, it’s often used as a platform by which oppressive and compulsive ideologies like Islam perpetuate their barbarity.

Fortunately, Italy is adopting certain legislation that makes it more difficult for this political religion to propagate its misogyny and racism. In fact, after the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorist attacks in January 2015, Italy has begun deporting Muslims spreading the violent and anti-Western fundamentals of Islam, proving that the West can preserve its culture and freedom against Islamic infiltration.

An unnamed Moroccan refugee began serving as an imam at a mosque in Northern Italy when authorities discovered that he was promoting “hate speech.” Europe Online Magazine reports that the 33-year-old Muslim preacher not only refused to accept Italian constitutional rights concerning issues like gender equality but regularly advocated against these rights in favor of Sharia law.

When the court heard that the imam rejected the values and laws of his host country, they saw no reason for him to desire migrating to Italy other than to spread his ideology’s vile fundamentals and provoke his congregation to do the same. So, the court ruled that the imam should be deported immediately because he “refused to accept Italian constitutional rights,” Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday.

The imam, who served as secretary of the Muslim Community of Treviso, was placed on a plane Wednesday back to Casablanca. Alfano stated that the final straw came when the migrant imam refused to swear on the constitution after applying for citizenship, instead claiming that he will adhere to Sharia law and that it is “fully compatible” with Italy’s laws.

Muslim Imam Refuses To Swear On Constitution, Judge Refuses Something Of His
Since 2015, Italy has deported 115 Muslims, 12 of whom are imams, for supporting Sharia law over Italian law. In July, Imam Mohammed Madad (pictured) was deported after naming his daughter “Jihad” and preaching Islam’s violent fundamentals.

Alfano also explained that the asylum seeker condemned Italian laws as “a collection of sins upon sins, such as, for example, parity between men and women.” Of course, it was then that the court knew that the imam’s claim that Islamic law is compatible with their own is nothing more than propaganda for the purpose of convincing authorities to allow him to stay. Luckily, they weren’t easily swayed.

After an increase in Islamic terrorism in the West, the minister is campaigning for federal programs that require Muslim preachers to study Italian laws and values and to deliver their sermons in Italian, according to About Croatia.

“We are working to create a new model of imam, which we could call ‘Italian imam,’” Alfano told the Libero newspaper in July, expressing concern that current Muslim clerics in Italy are all foreign-trained “and therefore have different values from us and sometimes radical inclinations.”

The imam’s extradition comes just weeks after Italian authorities expelled another Moroccan imam for “reasons of public order and state security.” According to Breitbart, 51-year-old Mohammed Madad, who made international headlines for naming his daughter “Jihad,” was deported in July for promoting violent Islamic commands and Sharia values. He is prevented from returning to the country for at least 15 years.

Since 2015, Italy has deported 115 Muslims, including 12 imams, for hate speech that comes directly from the Quran and Hadith, providing further proof that not only is Islam incompatible with any other religion or law, it is fundamentally oppressive and violent.

When leftists defend Islam, they are defending wife beating, child marriage, slavery, and the execution of homosexuals, adulterers, blasphemers, and apostates — just like Allah commanded and the Islamic prophet Muhammad modeled. In essence, they are advocating for everything they claim to stand against.

Of course, the useful leftist idiots will continue to plug their ears to Quran scriptures that command slaughter and misogyny, not during war time but at all times “until the religion, all of it, is for Allah.” By doing this, they are merely supporting and hastening their own destruction, for it is this progressivism that Islam hates the most.

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