Muslim Intern Refuses To Remove Hijab, So Boss Removes Something Of Hers

Muslim Intern Refuses To Remove Hijab So Boss Removes Something Of Hers
After a Palestinian refugee won an internship at a town hall through a program that helps migrants integrate, she ironically refused to integrate.

After an entitled Muslim refugee landed a cushy internship at a town hall, she decided to thank her gracious boss by showing up wearing an Islamic hijab. However, rather than make a big scene over her refusal to comply with the dress code, the no-nonsense employer decided that if she wouldn’t remove the hijab, it was time to remove something himself.

When a Westerner travels to a Muslim country, they are expected to obey Sharia law, even if it’s against their religion. This often includes non-Muslim women donning the hijab, critics of Islam abandoning freedom of speech, and homosexuals abstaining from illegal sex acts. If they choose not to assimilate, they are subject to fines, imprisonment, and even death. Of course, these religious migrants don’t offer the same respect to differing values, culture, and freedom as we do.

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One of the biggest physical hindrances of integration is the hijab. Instead of embracing feminism and bucking the 1,400-year-old symbol of Islamic misogyny and inequality, Muslim women use our freedoms to remain in religious slavery. Fortunately, there are still some men who won’t allow the icon of Islamic oppression disguised as “choice” to take precedence over our own country’s values.

The Express reports that a 48-year-old Palestinian refugee to Germany, who remains unnamed for legal purposes, won a privileged internship at Luckenwalde town hall thanks to a program that specializes in helping refugees integrate into Western society. Ironically, she wore her hijab to her first day of the internship even though the bureau has a strict policy against employees displaying religious symbols.

Immediately, mayor Elizabeth Herzog von der Heide reiterated the job’s precondition, explaining that if she did not remove the Islamic headscarf, she would be out of a job. As expected, the Muslim woman refused, opting to adhere to her personal belief over her job.

Muslim Intern Refuses To Remove Hijab So Boss Removes Something Of Hers
Luckenwalde Mayor Elizabeth Herzog von der Heide (left) refused to award the Muslim intern special privilege, firing her when she refused to follow the rules like everyone else.

Refusing to bend the rules for this entitled employee, Mayor von der Heide held her to the same standards as everyone else and fired her before the Muslim woman had even been at the internship a full day. When questioned about her decision, the Mayor unabashedly stated that all employees are required to maintain a work environment that is politically and religiously neutral, the Telegraph reports.

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“We told her that a neutrality requirement applies here,” Ms von der Heide told Bild newspaper. “Religious symbols have no place in our government. We also do not allow crucifixes on the walls. She said she could only do that when no men were present. So, she had to finish her internship.”

Leftists argue that it doesn’t hurt anyone to allow Muslim women to wear hijabs or even face veils and that it is wrong for a free nation to refuse them the right to adhere to their religious beliefs. While this has some basis, it is a slippery slope to provide special privilege to this particular religion.

It begins as a demand to allow Muslim women the freedom to wear their religious garb. Although seemingly harmless, this opens the door for them to demand and implement other aspects of their religion’s laws.

While the hijab isn’t required to practice Islam, it is a stipulation of Sharia in which all women, regardless of their religious beliefs, must wear the head covering. Next, they are demanding other minor aspects of Sharia like the allowance of cruel halal slaughter, the burka, and allotment for daily prayer — all requested by the excuse that it’s their “religious belief.” Soon, they begin pushing for more radical facets of Sharia that infringe upon our own rights because, hey, it’s a part of their religion and who dares stop them from freely practicing their religion?

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It’s only a matter of time before they are demanding more oppressive and barbaric features of Islam such as the right to female genital mutilation, child marriage, and polygamy. Then we find ourselves bowing to gender apartheid because their women do not want to be seen by our men, relinquishing our freedom of expression because they consider criticism of Islam illegal blasphemy, and repressing our own religious beliefs because it offends their sensibilities.