Accused Muslim Killer Uses Welfare Cash To Flee & Do Something Even Sicker

Shahan Choudhury (left), stock image Muslims protesting (right)

A thug who spent time in prison for an alleged gang murder has surfaced in Syria. Shahan Choudhury, 30, vanished from his apartment and has been on the most wanted list for months. Now, we know he used government welfare benefits to flee, and what he is caught doing is so sick, it’s causing patriots to sit up and take notice. This whole thing will piss you off.

Shahan Choudhury first drew the attention of police when he was charged with being part of a gang who stabbed a 17-year-old hospital worker to death over a few dollars debt. The Muslim thug landed himself in prison in the United Kingdom, but his story didn’t end there, and it is a warning to all Americans.

Choudhury became fully “radicalized” in prison, becoming a devout follower of Islam as modeled by the prophet. As soon as he was released, he joined the banned al-Muhajiroun (ALM), the hate group led by Anjem Choudary which has called for the implementation of Sharia Law in the U.K.

Then he got his whole family, including his wife and three kids on welfare. His plan? To save up the generous welfare benefits and flee to Syria to join the Islamic State. He even left first and had his wife stay behind for a while, collecting the benefits. This way, they had more money to send to ISIS.

Breitbart reports, “Shahan Choudhury, a former suspect in a teenage gang murder who was ‘radicalized’ in prison, disappeared from his London flat at the end of 2015. In 2016, his wife, Mehak, and their three young children, including a baby, joined him.”

Mehak had received monthly housing benefit payments of about £1,000 or $1,238.00 dollars, which she failed to pass on in rent the month she left for the Middle East, The Sunday Times reports. His wife’s most recent tweets order Brits to travel to the Islamic State “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq “or wage jihad by himself w[ith] resources available to him” — more like the resources they get from the state.

Shahan Choudhury (left), his mentor Anjem Choudary (right)

This is exactly why America must overhaul our welfare system. We should not only fear those Muslim migrants, wanting to get into the US, whom we cannot vet, but those who become “radicalized” here as well. One thing that makes liberal’s heads spin is to suggest that second generation Muslims who are fluent in English and are “radicalized” would turn on America, but we are seeing it unfold before our eyes.

They go to the Middle East where they are trained by the Islamic State, and then, being American citizens, they are sent back here where they can do an awful lot of damage.  This is not a new concept, and it is something the FBI looks at every day. However, we aren’t allowed to speak of it because to do so makes us Islamophobic.

Shahan Choudhury is a perfect example of what can go wrong. Luckily, they have identified him, so he won’t be able to come back and kill in the United Kingdom or in the U.S., but he’ll be out on the battlefield killing nonetheless in Syria.

It’s those like Choudhury who we have yet to identify here that are scary, scamming our welfare system, plotting jihad right under our noses, all while being so hard to find. Let this be a warning to all Americans that being suspicious is not being an Islamophobe. This we do know: many were suspicious of the 9/11 attackers but no one reported them. We can’t afford for political correctness to stop our common sense; we can’t endure another 9/11, ever again.

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