Muslim Laughs About Whites Being Killed, Judge Wipes Smirk Off His Face

Buying into the left’s claim that whites can’t be victims of racism, a migrant decided to openly laugh about the slaughter of innocent white civilians. However, as soon as a fed-up judge heard his comment, he quickly wiped the smirk right off the racist migrant’s face.

Every time a Muslim claims that their hijab was pulled or that they got kicked off an airplane, the Islamic community demands a hate crime investigation, alleging that it must be Islamophobia. Of course, if a Muslim vows to carry out a terrorist attack on his non-Muslim neighbors, sympathizers chalk it up to cultural misunderstanding, radicalism, or, their favorite, mental instability. Fortunately, one judge wasn’t about to let political correctness stand in the way of justice.

Breitbart reports that after an Italian court heard that Marouan Mathlouthi joked on Facebook about wanting to carry out a terrorist attack, the judge sentenced him to be deported. In a case that’s sure to outrage the left, the 26-year-old Tunisian migrant was extradited to his native country on Thursday, despite having lived in Italy since infancy.

“I don’t know if I should be good or stage a massacre. I have to think about it,” Mathlouthi wrote on Facebook, according to the ministry’s statement. Apparently, it was this post that contributed to his arrest and deportation.

Muslim Laughs About Whites Being Killed, Judge Wipes Smirk Off His Face
After 26-year-old Tunisian migrant Marouan Mathlouthi joked about killing his Italian hosts, a judge sentenced him to be deported. Despite the fact that he’d lived in Italy his entire life and married an Italian woman, he proved that Islam comes before assimilation.

Proving that no amount of welcome or time can prevent Muslims from becoming devout jihadists, Mathlouthi filled his social media page with Islamic propaganda that expressed his disdain for his gracious, tolerant Italian hosts. The Interior Minister confirmed that Mathlouthi is also suspected of planning to join terrorists fighting in Iraq and Syria. Luckily, Italian authorities didn’t wait long enough to see him carry out an atrocity before nabbing him.

According to the report, Mathlouthi befriended a jailed Muslim migrant who attempted to join a terrorist organization. While terrorist sympathizers are often protected by political correctness throughout the West, Italy appears to be cracking down on their migrant crisis.

Italian officials are now planning to expedite their deportation process, preparing the expulsion program for thousands of migrants whose asylum applications are denied. Finally, migrant offenders are being deported like never before, especially since the European Union failed to keep their promise to enforce migrant expulsions.

Muslim Laughs About Whites Being Killed, Judge Wipes Smirk Off His Face
Chief of Italian Civil Protection Franco Gabrielli has vowed to add another 1,000 police officers and teach them to be expert marksmen when it comes to shooting Islamic terrorists.

In addition to prosecuting migrant offenders, Italian police have been told to brush up on their target practice as authorities fear an imminent ISIS attack. As terrorism sweeps across Europe, chief of Italian Civil Protection Franco Gabrielli warned that the chance of an attack is “very high” before vowing to boost the police force by 1,000 officers, the Express reports.

“I think we must be very clear about the fact that the chance of an attack in Italy is very high. That goes from taking a car and running over a group of people to start shooting at a crowd, and so on. We are seeing today a different kind of terrorism from the past,” Gabrielli said. “Most people detained in our country and considered linked to ISIS were very close to actually carrying out attacks and killing others.”

Fortunately, Gabrielli has pledged to offer more “shooting practice” for police officers to ensure that they are able to neutralize terrorists.

“The first thing I focused on when I arrived was the shooting practice. But our police officers, at times, are a bit reluctant to ensure that training is constant,” he said. “There are things to do about this issue, but there are also facts that prove how we are.”

It looks like Italy is beginning to shun liberalism, as it’s only caused more terror and insecurity for its own citizens. Hopefully, they can save their culture and values from eradication before it’s too late.

Photo Credit [Corriere Della Sera, Foggia Today]

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