Muslim Mayor Celebrates Cancelling Trump Visit, Smile Fades When He Sees What’s In Crowd

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After President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the UK, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan took full credit for “banning” the U.S. leader. However, just as he was celebrating his pathetic victory, he encountered something in the crowd that quickly made him regret it.

Muslim Mayor Celebrates Cancelling Trump Visit, Smile Fades When He Sees What's In Crowd
After congratulating himself for getting President Donald Trump to cancel his UK visit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan (pictured) received an encounter he abhorred even more. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected, Sadiq Khan, who is London’s first Muslim mayor, has used his platform to viciously censure the U.S. leader. Along with the typical leftist verbal attacks, Khan has campaigned to have Trump banned from the UK and even sided with left-leaning British politicians who demanded the American president’s arrest if he stepped foot in England.

While flooding his own city with thousands of dangerous, un-vetted migrants, who are often military age Muslim males, Khan has repeatedly lambasted Trump as a racist and “Islamophobe” for taking measures to secure U.S. borders.

Although he has welcomed in Islamic terrorists, the Muslim mayor recently took credit for getting President Trump to cancel his scheduled UK visit, conceitedly boasting that the U.S. president “got the message.” Unfortunately for Khan, a meeting with President Trump would be a delight considering the encounter he instead received during his arrogant self-congratulatory speech.

Shortly after Mayor Sadiq Khan took the stage at a left-wing Fabian Society, Londoners holding American flags and anti-EU signs disrupted his speech to issue a “citizen’s arrest,” showcasing that Britons are increasingly waking up to Khan’s liberals policies which are devastating the capital city, according to Breitbart. During a monumental protest, demonstrators shouted down Khan with a reading from the Magna Carta, accusing the Muslim mayor of “subverting the English constitution.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest,” said a man who opened the protest by standing up and reading a statement, according to Sky News.

“We stand under common law jurisdiction,” the demonstrator expressed before turning to approaching security officers. “If you touch us, you’ll be done for common assault. Please stand back, do not touch us. We’re not leaving, we’ve paid for a ticket.”

The paramount demonstration came in response to Sadiq Khan’s personal campaign against President Trump, in which he took credit for the U.S. leader’s last-minute decision to cancel his trip to the UK. Now, Khan is facing a massive backlash, as more Londoners are siding with Trump and his politically incorrect policies.

Sky News political correspondent Laura Bundock said the protesters had been sitting “right at the front of the room”, and delayed the start of Mr Khan’s speech for 15 minutes. The group told her that MPs had “broken their oaths of office”, adding that they were “employed by us, the people” and “should do as we say.”

The protest embodied Khan’s dwindling approval and the rise of Trump supporters in the wake of increasing terror attacks, migrant crime, and economic hardship caused by the Muslim mayor’s policies. In fact, just after calling for Trump to be banned, Khan faced an official report from his own Police and Crime Office showing that nearly every area of crime has skyrocketed since his 2016 mayoral election.

Despite claims by Khan in March 2017 that London is “the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world,” the latest crime statistics show youth homicides are up by an astonishing 70 percent.

Total homicides are up by 27.1 percent, serious youth violence 19 per cent, robbery 33.4 per cent, and burglaries 18.7 per cent, among a host of other double-digit rises.

The crucial protest falls on the heels of Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam’s interview with Sky News, in which he lambasted Khan’s hypocrisy over Trump’s controversial wording while personally turning London into a “shithole.” During the Sky News interview, Kassam accused the mainstream media of purposefully ignoring Khan’s disastrous crime-rate increase.

“How much youth homicide went up in London last year… have you told your viewers that? 70 percent. Have you looked at the Mayor’s police and crime report from December 12th?

“If you look at that, almost every measure out of 42, only in four did crime go down… in every single other area [there were] double-digit rises in crime against London.”

Making his reflection on the London mayor’s increasing concern with matters of state instead of effectively running the city he was elected to lead, Kassam concluded: “…to borrow a phrase from Donald Trump, London is turning into a shithole under Sadiq Khan.”

Londoners, as well as all Europeans, are starting to wake up to the devastating liberal policies that they once believed would bring them peace, love, and prosperity. Although the liberal elitists are focusing their disdain on President Donald Trump’s brazenly political incorrectness, the people are seeing through the feigned outrage and agreeing with the American leader’s policies over their own elected officials.

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