Muslim Mayor ‘Forbids’ Trump From Visiting City, His Dirty Little Secret Comes Out

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After incessantly berating President Donald Trump and forbidding him from visiting his city, Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has just been exposed for a sickening secret that could end his political career.

After Muslim Mayor 'Forbids' Trump From Visiting City, His Dirty Little Secret Comes Out
After relentlessly criticizing President Donald Trump (right) and calling for him to be banned from his city, London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan (left), has just suffered yet another devastating blow to his political career. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

As is the case in all diversity hires, London leftists have proven with their election of the city’s first Muslim mayor that not only are there cultures which are incompatible with Western values and liberties, but also that placing an individual in a position of power solely because of their minority status will almost always have devastating effects.

A hardcore leftist and stealth Sharia advocate, Sadiq Khan, has not only opened up London to unfettered, unlimited Muslim migration, he’s launched countless attacks against President Donald Trump for his every move, including his attempts to secure the U.S. border, restrict immigration from terror-prone Islamic countries, and defend freedom of speech. In fact, Khan joined Britain’s left in a campaign to not only have Trump banned from the UK but arrested if he stepped foot in the country.

Although Khan embodies everything about the regressive left and its failed policies, Islam is undeniably at the top of his priorities. Through mass Islamic migration, Sharia censorship of speech, and extreme bias in favor of the Muslim minority, Khan is using liberal multicultural policies in order to transform London into a mini-Islamic regime. Unfortunately, instead of proving Trump to be the anti-Muslim bigot he claims he is, Khan has just validated everything the U.S. President has warned would happen to the British capital.

As London Mayor Sadiq Khan focuses his career on criticizing “Islamophobic” President Donald Trump and demanding censorship of speech offensive to Islam, his own Metropolitan Police have just revealed that sex crimes against children have skyrocketed 30 percent in the last year with Muslims accounting for an unbelievable 84 percent of child gang-rapists, despite the religious group making up just around 6 percent of the population, the Evening Standard reports.

According to The Independent, the total number of rapes in London jumped from 6,392 in 2016 to 7,613 in 2017, marking a 20-percent increase in sexual assaults. However, the number of rapes involving child victims increased 30 percent, signifying a disturbing rise in Muslim grooming gangs and sex rings.

Instead of admitting any problem, especially concerning the Muslim factor in these crimes, Mayor Khan has ignored the issue to focus on punishing offensive speech, which has been legally labeled “hate speech.” In fact, he has redistributed over 900 police officers “dedicated to investigating hate crime,” which has become one of his top priorities.

While focusing on anti-Islam expression, Khan’s London has subsequently seen an overall 14-percent rise in crime, including a 32-percent increase in domestic burglary, a 23-percent rise in sex offenses, a 21-percent rise in knife attacks, and a 20-percent rise in gun violence, Breitbart reports.

On March 16, the Metropolitan Police released the data confirming the increase in sex crimes at a conference intended to raise awareness for the sexual abuse of children. Of course, thanks to the nation’s politically-correct atmosphere and British authorities’ crackdown on speech, there was no mention that more than 8 out of 10 child groomers have a Muslim background, which the media whitewashes as “Asian.”

“Children who have been sexually exploited can feel completely powerless, and being raped or sexually assaulted often causes debilitating levels of trauma,” said Jessica Juon, assistant director of children’s services at Barnardo’s London, explaining it is important to help victims feel safe.

Additionally, nearly all of the child victims of these Muslim rape gangs are white British girls. Still, the authorities and courts refuse to identify the crimes as being religiously or racially motivated, even when the Muslim offenders admit that they targeted the children because of religion and ethnicity.

The more that Khan caters to his beloved Muslim minority, the more they show their non-Muslim hosts what Islam truly embodies. If Khan would simply focus on the “tiny minority of extremists” who are terrorizing London instead of targeting citizens who criticize them, perhaps he wouldn’t be consistently proving Donald Trump right about his “Muslim issue.”

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