Migrant Savagely Beats Gorgeous White Teen For 1 ‘Offensive’ Word She Tells Him

While enjoying a night out with friends, a beautiful teen girl was brutally beaten bloody by an outraged migrant. Disturbingly, it seems the attack was launched when she said one simple word that deeply offended him.

Muslim Migrant Savagely Beats Gorgeous White Teen For 1 'Offensive' Word She Tells Him
Swedish beauty Sophie Johansson (pictured), 19, was savagely attacked by a young migrant man after she offended him with one simple word. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Decades ago, leftists convinced Europe to open its doors to migrants from across the globe in an effort to forcibly cultivate diversity. As we now see, this well-meaning welcome not only provided productive, skillful immigrants opportunity but rang the proverbial dinner bell to millions of ill-intentioned invaders from the most oppressive and dangerous nations, most of them Islamic.

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After years of resettling mainly Muslim male migrants from Sharia regimes, Sweden, once one of the safest nations on the planet for women, is widely considered “the rape capital of the West.” Disturbingly, instead of recognizing their failed immigration policies and remedying the situation, Sweden has implemented liberal censorship laws that not only make it easier for women to be victimized but offer their migrant abusers leniency and protection.

On Saturday, January 27, Sophie Johansson and her female friends were enjoying a night at a Babel nightclub in Malmo when she encountered one of Sweden’s multicultural assets. The beautiful 19-year-old explained that she was approached from behind by an unknown man who then proceeded to shove his hand between her legs and grope her.

Shocked and disgusted by his advances, Sophie turned around to face her abuser in an effort to release herself from his unwanted clutches. It was then that Sophie pushed him back and uttered a word that resulted in her own savage beating — she told the migrant groper to “stop,” to which he responded by punching her in the face and breaking a glass bottle over her head, according to Swedish news outlet Aftonbladet.

“I turned around and then I felt his hand on my bottom and between my legs,” she told Aftonbladet.

Sophie told Swedish media that she pushed the man and told him to stop touching her only to be repeatedly hit in the face for rejecting his sexual advances. Sophie was apparently so dazed by the blows that she had no idea her head, face, and chest were covered in blood until a friend came to her aid, the Daily Mail reports.

“I thought it was liquid from the bottle [on my face], but then my friend said there was blood pouring down. I was in shock,” she told the paper.

Fearing for her life, Sophie chose to immediately leave the club in order to prevent the situation from escalating further. Her friend rushed her to the hospital where she was treated for various gashes on her face and head, some of which required stitches.

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While at the hospital, Sophie filed a police report, describing every detail she could recall about her attacker. However, instead of pursuing the violent sex offender, Malmo Police outrageously closed the investigation just 3 days later, citing a “lack of evidence.” This is particularly disturbing, as the reason they are unable to find the suspect is due to their own censorship policies involving migrant offenders.

Nils Norling, Malmo Police spokesperson told Aftonbladet, “We hope that someone has seen something, seen the incident. If so, we will open up the investigation again.”

However, they don’t really expect anyone to come forward since it is not only an imprisonable offense to speak critically of migrants but the authorities are heavily censored when it comes to giving descriptions of offenders that would result in their identification.

As of September 2015, Swedish police have been prohibited from releasing the race, nationality, legal status, and many other basic descriptive details that would help citizens identify a suspect. Of course, this mandate was passed down by press officers Wolf Gyllander and Carina Skagerlind in response to the rising number of sexual crimes committed by Muslim migrant men.

From now on, crimes must be reported on the police website without mentioning basic descriptive information such as “height, skin colour, nationality and race, etc.” the memo, seen by Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), reads. According to the paper, the new regulation could be applied to everything “from minor traffic accidents to serious crimes like muggings, beatings and murder.”

The memo makes it clear that the instruction has been handed down to avoid accusations of racism, telling officers: “The police are sometimes criticised for reporting on peoples’ skin colour. We are perceived as racist. As the police are not racist, nor should be perceived as such, from now on, please apply these instructions.”

The vast majority of all sex crimes in Sweden are committed by the country’s tiny Muslim migrant minority, making this most likely just another migrant sex attack that the authorities are desperately trying to conceal. In fact, around 77 percent of all rapes are carried out by the nation’s 8-percent Muslim minority.

So, not only are Swedish citizens prevented from identifying or protecting themselves against Muslim migrant sex offenders, they are being fed propaganda in an effort to convince them that the ever-growing Muslim migrant population is no more dangerous than their Swedish neighbors but are beneficial to Sweden’s diversity and progress.

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Sweden has, unfortunately, become a modern-day example of Islamization of a Western nation. It’s culture, values, laws, liberties, and even its desired diversity are being eradicated as a foreign ideology takes over.

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