Horror Ensues When Muslim Migrant Men Caught ‘Celebrating’ In Backyard Of Mosque

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A town that took in Pakistani migrants is now shocked and horrified after a video surfaced of them secretly “celebrating” behind an under-construction mosque.

Horror Ensues When Muslim Migrant Men Caught 'Celebrating' In Backyard Of Mosque
Residents are outraged after video surfaced of a disturbing scene taking place behind a local mosque. (Photo credit: Screenshot via Twitter)

Liberals have relentlessly assured that Islam is a religion of peace and that we must respect and embrace its cultural contributions. Of course, we soon come to realize that this includes all of the less appealing practices of its neverending religious requirements.

The Quran prescribes obligatory social practices for every Muslim. Unfortunately for one Canadian town, residents were introduced to one of the most agonizing displays widely accepted in the Muslim world.

On August 28, Tarek Fatah, author and columnist for the Toronto Sun, tweeted out a disturbing and graphic video exposing a common yet barbaric ritual among Muslims. In the footage, Pakistani-Canadian Muslims enact halal slaughter for Eid-al-Adha behind a mosque in Milton.

However, the butchery is particularly horrific, as the Muslims joyously skin a fully-conscious cow, allowing it to experience all the suffering of the slaughter as it slowly dies from its injuries.

As heinous as the act itself is, even more disturbing is the fact that the Muslim men involved in the cruel torture of the animal are heavily involved in local politics. In the tweet, Fatah calls out Ayaz Malik, an Ontario Liberal Party activist, for taking on the brunt of the live skinning. It appears as though Malik has since deleted his Twitter account, possibly in response to the controversial video.

Of course, for those insinuating that this is an acceptable form of slaughter and no different from any other method of butchery in the West, not only is this religious method disturbing to witness, it is just as unnecessarily barbaric and unsanitary as it appears.

In fact, far different from Kosher or any other humane form of butchery, halal slaughter is required to inflict pain and prolong suffering upon the animal, per the religious guidelines.

  • The animal must be alive at the time of slaughter. (While this isn’t especially barbaric in itself, this requirement results in the prohibition of other humane methods of slaughter.)
  • In general, all forms of stunning and unconsciousness of animals are disliked. (This rule was conveniently reworded from its publication as of 2015, which previously stated that “no electric shock, stunning, or severance of the spinal cord should be made to ease the pain before the animal is slaughtered” because “these methods may lead to the death of the animal before slaughter.”)
  • The animal must be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife. The knife must not kill due to its weight. If it kills due to the impact, the meat may not be permissible. (This requirement mandates that the animal must die from blood letting, which cannot include the severance of the spinal cord for a painless death.)
  • The windpipe (throat), food-tract (esophagus), and two jugular veins must be cut. (Again, this excludes the severance of the spinal cord for pain relief, which is prohibited.)
  • The slaughtering must be done manually, not be a machine. (This requirement harkens back to the prescribed methods of slaughter of unbelievers, which are found in the violent verses of the Quran.)

Each year, Muslims across the globe slaughter fully-conscious animals in the streets for Eid-al-Adha, turning public squares red with blood. Disturbingly, this cruel practice has immigrated with Muslim migrants to the West and is flying in the faces of Westerners as a cultural aspect they must tolerate and respect.

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