Muslim Migrant Brags About What He And 6 Other Guys Did To Little Virgin Girl

Muslim Migrant Brags About What He And 6 Other Guys Did To Little Virgin Girl

When one of Obama’s “desperate” asylum seekers was asked what he and his Islamic cohorts did to a young girl, the Muslim thug candidly bragged about the horrific torture he and the other migrants enjoyed at the expense of someone’s little girl. If you’re on the fence about bringing in Muslim refugees, this one-minute video will change your view entirely.

Footage has surfaced from 20011 of a Muslim migrant, bragging about participating in the sadistic gang rape and torture of a young virgin, and no excuse the left can give about these Islamic invaders is reason enough to bring any more of these monsters here.

The Live Leak video shows a “fighting age” male migrant to Germany, bragging about how he and at least six of his buddies took turns brutally raping and abusing a screaming, crying girl.

**Warning: this video depicts graphic language and sexual content**

The man, who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent, lauds a fellow rapist for taking a young girl’s virginity by force. He laughs as he exclaims that they sexually assaulted her “one after another.”

“She screams and, of course, she was fighting back and so on,” he reveals, “and we had her legs, dude.”

He continues, “One after another, dude. She cried after that. She couldn’t go on any longer.”

The rapist proudly discloses that the girl was covered in “sperm and dirt” after the gang rape was over and that they each spit on her as she sobbed.

According to the video, the translator believes that the man might not even be an asylum seeker from a foreign country, but is one of the many children of Muslim migrants who has refused to assimilate to Western culture and law.

This is perhaps even more disturbing, as the left claims that not only will Muslim refugees learn to assimilate and respect our way of life, but that future generations will be even more likely to mix into the melting pot of multiculturalism.

Of course, we can see that Islam is not only its own culture, but that it remains consistent regardless of the country in which it’s practiced. Whether the Muslim migrants arrive from Islamic nations in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East, they subjugate the non-Muslim majority to endless demands, rape, and terror.

Although the left attempts to cover up this consistency, even going to sickening extremes to protect their backwards agenda.

Mad World News reported this fall that Sweden’s leftist migration board helped cover up the rape of a 3-year-old girl by a 40-year-old Muslim refugee by hiding him and lying to police.

At the urging of her fellow leftists on the France-Italy border, a woman hid her own rape by a Muslim refugee because she believed that it would hurt their political campaign for open borders.

After a group of left-wing German activists hosted a “Refugees Welcome” party, they had to apologize for the sexual harassment of female guests by Muslim attendants.

We are not only paying with our taxes to flood our country with those who seek to replace our freedoms with Sharia law, we are paying with our innocence, freedom of mind, and lives. We have imported an intolerant culture under the excuse of our own tolerance.

However, not all cultures are equal. We cannot coexist with the adherents of a religious ideology whose god commands dozens of times to use endless violence to establish the religion and its law.

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