Muslim Migrant Rapes Girl, She Finds Out Later What He Was Hiding

Qaisar S., a 38-year-old Pakistani Muslim, brutally raped a 19-year-old victim, but that wasn’t even the worst part.

A 19-year-old girl was pushed into the closet of a gaming arcade by a 38-year-old Pakistani man and then brutally sexually assaulted and bitten on the cheek and lips, only to find out later that her rapist had sickening intentions that went far beyond raping her.

According to a report by Bild, the 19-year-old German victim, referred to as Sarah (not her real name), was alone at work on July 14th, 2016 when a 38-year-old Muslim immigrant from Pakistan, only identified as Qaisar S., walked into the gaming arcade where Sarah was employed part-time. While this animal was brutally raping Sarah, he intentionally bit her on the cheek and lips to expose her to his Hepatitis C-infected blood.

According to Sharia Unveiled, the Muslim immigrant confessed to raping the girl after police found video footage of him entering and leaving the gaming arcade.

On Thursday, Diana Enzinger-Leichsenring, the prosecutor in the case, told the court that Qaisar fully intended on not just raping his victim but also destroying the rest of her life by infecting her with Hepatitis C.

It wasn’t until 6 months after the brutal rape that the 19-year-old victim discovered she had not contracted the deadly disease from her rapist. Although she dodged the disease, the 19-year-old German girl dropped her medical studies while trying to cope with the trauma of her attack.

According to the police, Qaisar S. was well known to the law enforcement community for multiple run-ins with the law. In one instance, Qaisar pointed a fake pistol at random people in the downtown district of Zwickau, Germany.

For this heinous sex crime, Qaisar was sentenced to 42 months in jail by Judge Stephan Zantke. During Qaisar’s sentencing, the judge said, “We must protect our women.” However, this German judge doesn’t know the first thing about protecting women if a less than 4-year sentence is all that was given to this Muslim monster. The truly terrifying part of this story is that according to the report, this man cannot be deported to Pakistan because the Pakistani government won’t allow him back into the country.

This is a miscarriage of justice at its worst. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is directly responsible for this brutal rape and thousands of others that have been committed by her so-called Muslim refugees. Unfortunately, there is little hope in sight for the German people as it is widely speculated that a refugee-loving, Trump-hating socialist by the name of Frank-Walter Steinmeier will win the upcoming election in their immigrant-ridden country.

It’s truly sad to see the depravity that is taking place in Germany. Until their people have had enough and vote the liberals out of office, it appears they will continue down this path of suffering. Hopefully, the United States doesn’t follow suit as our own leftist “leaders” block President Donald Trump’s every attempt to make America safe again.

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