Muslim Leader Wants Migrant Sex Assaults Covered Up, Forgets 1 MAJOR Detail

A notorious Muslim leader is calling for the media to cover up important facts about the sexual assault of Western women at the hands of Muslim migrants.

The recent onslaught of sexual assaults perpetrated by migrants on unsuspecting women from Western countries has led one Islamic leader to call on the collective media to purposefully hide important facts from the public when a so-called “refugee” commits a heinous sex crime. However, the Islamic community and their allies in the mainstream media appear to have forgotten one major detail.

Mad World News brought you the stomach-churning story of a Syrian refugee who molested six young girls at a Canadian indoor waterpark, and subsequently, a report detailing the media’s blatant attempt to sweep it under the rug. Now, it seems that one of Canada’s most notorious Muslim leaders has actually called on the press to omit two important words from their coverage of various sexual assaults at the hands of Muslim migrants.

Mohamed Huque is the executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association, and he is utterly miffed over reports which disclosed the refugee status of the migrant who attacked the girls at West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark, thereby “unfairly vilifying an entire community,” according to CBC News.

Huque said, “It’s going to inflame a segment of our population who already harbor a bias, a discrimination or unfair views towards newcomers. I think this certainly emboldens them. The insertion of two words — Syrian refugee — completely changed the dimension of the story. What was initially a local crime story became a wider discussion about screening practices, immigration levels. It just turned into an entirely different debate. It’s not relevant to the story.”

Mohamed Huque, executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association. (Credit: Intercultural Dialogue Institute)

There are several glaring problems with Huque’s complaint. First and foremost, he has taken issue with the media reporting pertinent facts surrounding sexual assaults, not those sexual assaults or the slew of victims affected by them. In doing so, he twists the narrative to make the Muslim attacker the victim. Secondly, Huque implies there is a segment of the population which harbors a bias against refugees for no good reason. Finally, he disregards the discussion on vetting procedures and immigration practices as entirely unnecessary, when if the proper screening had been done in the first place, six young girls would still have their innocence today.

All of these lapses in Huque’s judgment can be attributed to a major detail he’s conveniently factoring out of the equation; namely, the fact that it is Muslim refugees from Islamic countries who overwhelmingly go on to assault the native women from places like Canada, which have opened their doors and welcomed them in with open arms. It is becoming ever more imperative for the media to report stories of Syrian refugees who victimize women and children because it is with this group of people that the problem lies.

As soon as Jews start migrating to Sweden, Germany, and Canada only to assault women and children, we’ll be sure to let you know. Likewise, if Hindu immigrants start crossing borders illegally only to rape and pillage the local communities, you’ll hear it here first. Until then, we will continue to bring you the stories of Syrian refugees who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

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