Muslim Migrants Try Sneaking Across Border, Turn Back When They See What’s Waiting

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While attempting to sneak across the border, a number of migrants have decided to scrap their plans for illegal entry after discovering what would be waiting for them upon arrival.

Muslim Migrants Try Sneaking Across Border, Turn Back When They See What's Waiting
After encountering a ceaseless flood of Muslim migrants, Hungary has implemented “push-backs” that have Islamic asylum seekers opting out of sneaking across the border. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Screenshot via YouTube)

After decades of liberal policy, Europe opened itself up to the value of multiculturalism, unbarring its borders and welcoming in all who sought to immigrate to the West. The only problem is that the left’s concept of multiculturalism perpetuates the belief that all cultures and ideologies are equally conducive to a progressive society.

Thanks to the left’s hierarchy of oppressors, Muslim migrants have been epitomized as the ultimate victims and, as such, an indefinite number have been welcomed in as asylum seekers. Of course, as the number of Muslim refugees grows throughout the West, so do their suppressive religious compulsions and violent beliefs.

Now that the refugee crisis has produced the migrant crime epidemic, some European countries are waking up to the threat and taking back the inalienable right to protect their own borders and determine who gains access to their exceptional civilization.

In defiance of both liberal elitists and the European Union, Hungary has reclaimed its right to refuse to take in Muslim migrants. In an incredible display of national authority, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has implemented anti-illegal migration “push-backs” that have resulted in border-hopping decreasing a whopping 40,000 in the first 18 months alone. Since then, the number of illegal aliens, as well as asylum seekers, has plummeted, causing Muslim migrants to turn to other European countries for entry.

According to Al-Jazeera, border police either turned away or arrested more than 3,000 migrants in the first 6 months, data released on September 6 by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) shows. The total number of migrants crossing the border has already dropped by tens of thousands, which critics and supporters alike credit to Orban’s conservative immigration policies.

After Hungarian authorities ceased distributing food to rejected asylum seekers held at the country’s border with Serbia, the Immigration and Asylum Office stated that it was under no obligation to provide such incentives to fake refugees.

“Hungary is not responsible for those who have not requested asylum and those whose requests have been denied. There’s no free lunch for illegal immigrants,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs wrote in a post.

Hungary has accepted only 430 asylum applications from January to July, which so far is an 88-percent decrease from 2017. Additionally, just 310 migrants have gained entry as opposed to roughly 1,216 during the same period the year prior.

In addition to tighter border control, which includes a 108-mile fence, Hungary has adopted the “Stop Soros” bill, which defies globalist billionaire George Soros’ agenda by imprisoning anyone guilty of aiding illegal immigration.

Expectedly, leftists are outraged by Hungary’s response to mass Muslim migration, demanding that migrants be granted due process of law, despite their illegal entry.

“As a result, a lot of people have decided to give up,” Andras Lederer, information and advocacy officer for the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s refugee programme, told Al Jazeera.

“They literally grab someone, put them in a police car, drive them to the border and push them out,” he said.

“You can’t appeal against it. The whole thing takes 15 to 20 minutes and there is nothing the people can do about it.”

Of course, members of the European Parliament have launched an attack on Hungary, threatening legal action if the country continues to invoke its own authority. On September 12, MEPs will rule on whether to use sanctions in an attempt to force Hungary into compliance, according to The Guardian.

However, Orban has found an ally in U.S. President Donald Trump, much to the political left’s chagrin. After years of criticism from Barack Obama, the Hungarian PM has garnered the praise of Trump.

“President Trump thinks that he is a very strong leader,” David B. Cornstein, a longtime friend of Mr. Trump’s who became the United States ambassador to Budapest in June, said in an interview. “And our president admires strong leaders, and looks forward to this relationship going forward.”

Just as is true of every sovereign nation, Hungary has the right to run its country as it sees fit. This includes securing its borders and determining who can and cannot gain access. This is absolutely crucial to the survival of a culture, society, and civilization.

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