Muslim Migrants Try To Swindle Bus Driver, But What His Boss Did Made Everything Worse

Muslims Try Swindling White Bus Driver, But Allah Didn’t Teach Them 1 Thing About Infidels
Muslims who tried to swindle a bus driver (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

A video is going viral after a few migrants decided to try their luck at taking advantage of a local bus driver. Not one to be swindled, the driver quickly put them in their place, recording the incident for proof of what they had done, but unfortunately, it would all backfire. In fact, what his boss did after seeing the footage made a bad situation so much worse.

According to Bare Naked Islam, the incident took place in Finland, where Muslim migrants have been allowed to enter the country without question. Like so many other civilized European nations, though, they’re now learning what kind of effect such a radical immigration policy has on the current population.

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Although Muslims are known not to assimilate as they believe their customs to be above the law of the land, it seems that not everyone is so keen on that idea. In fact, a bus driver recently put a few Somali freeloaders in their place after they tried to ride the public transit system for free. However, things would take a turn for the worst when his boss found out.

In the video the driver captured of the incident, the Muslims can be seen attempting to pass off a fake, outdated, and invalid bus ticket as a newly purchased one. Although Muslims believe infidels to be of lower authority and stature than themselves, meaning it’s okay to steal from nonbelievers, these freeloaders were quick to learn that not everyone is as eager to bow down to Islam as liberals are.

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This bus driver was so frustrated with the Somalia Muslim immigrants trying to game the system that he finally told them about their behavior. Of course, he wanted footage of the matter in case he needed it later and decided to record their attempts to essentially steal. Unfortunately, that would backfire when his boss got wind of it and took a bad situation and made it so much worse.

Sadly, when the video started to spread around social media, the man was called in to speak with his supervisors. Come to find out, it seems that they must be members of the “progressive” leftist crowd and didn’t seem to mind that the Muslims were ripping off the very company they work for.

After the incident, the driver had the misfortune to encounter two official manifestations of Politically Correct Multiculturalism: (1) His superiors did not back up his actions, and in fact maintained that his behavior was “racist”; and (2) he learned that he was not in fact allowed to record such fare infractions — at least not when they were committed by culture-enrichers. [Source: Gates of Vienna]

Even worse yet, the man was fired for what he did, even though passengers always have to pay to ride the bus. One can only wonder if his managers would have been equally as mad about the driver’s behavior had a white person, or someone other than Muslim for that matter, tried the same – or can anyone ride public transportation for free, now?

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My guess is, this was yet another case of misguided political correctness run rampant. Now, because a bunch of entitled brats wanted something for free that they didn’t deserve, a man is out of a job for simply doing what is just. How is it that the thieves were rewarded and the one enforcing the rules can no longer feed himself and his family? This world is so messed up right now – and there’s only the agenda of the left to blame for it.