Smirking Muslim Mounts Sidewalk & Plows Van Into Infidels, Has 2 Words As Judge Asks Why

Smirking Muslim Mounts Sidewalk & Plows Van Into Infidels, Has 2 Words As Judge Asks Why
During his trial, Lugman Aslam (left) told the judge that he mowed down 5 pedestrians because of 2 disturbing words. (Photo source: Daily Mail)

While fasting for Ramadan, a Muslim man launched his van onto a sidewalk and plowed into a group of unsuspecting people as footage captured the gruesome ordeal. When the judge asked him why he did it, however, the sadistic man gave just 2 words to justify his heinous reign of terror.

Because the prophet Muhammad exclaimed that he was “made victorious by terror” while launching dozens of offensive attacks against peaceful non-Muslim tribes, Muslims often become more devoted to the campaign of their prophet during Ramadan, their most sacred holiday. Just 10 days into 2017’s Ramadan, Muslims have slaughtered over 1,100 non-Muslims in 112 terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the Western world refuses to identify Islam’s violent fundamentals as the motivation, even if this admission comes straight from the mouths of the Muslim attackers.

During Ramadan last year, Lugman Aslam, 26, was captured on surveillance footage brutally plowing his van into a group of 5 male pedestrians, sending them flying over the hood of his vehicle. Aslam was 20 days into his Ramadan fast before he angrily mounted the sidewalk on Lee Street on June 28 in and mowed down the non-Muslims in a failed mass murder attempt.

Aslam, a delivery driver in Leicester, was arrested after all 5 victims miraculously walked away from the attack with minor injuries. While in Leicester Crown Court, presiding judge Justin Wigoder asked why Aslam wanted to kill the men, summoning a sinister response. Without hesitation or remorse, Aslam said that he mowed down the victims because he allegedly was “racially abused” for fasting during Ramadan, the Mirror reports. Disturbingly, it was this absurd and unproven excuse that allowed Aslam to not only walk away with just 5 and a half years without being convicted of terrorism or attempted murder but also unprecedented praise from the liberal judge.

“I accept it was completely out of character,” said circuit court judge Wigoder. “You’re of very positive good previous character and I’ve received a considerable number of references setting out all the good that is in you. You’re a good family man with a young daughter and I take that very much into account.”

Although the judge admitted that the men only verbally confronted Aslam after he reversed into the group, he excused the attacker’s behavior because he believes that he’s a “good family man.” Subsequently, Aslam was spared appropriate charges and only convicted of dangerous driving and attempting to inflict intentional grievous bodily harm. The court seemed to ignore prosecutor Alexander Wolfson’s proof that Aslam intended to kill the victims and that the only reason they survived was “down to the design of the front bumper,” according to the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, the prosecutor failed to convince the judge that Aslam’s initial reversal toward to the men was just cause for them to physically defend themselves, despite video evidence. In fact, it seems as though the judge was mostly concerned that the men had allegedly uttered racial abuse toward Aslam, which likely means insulting Islam. Holding the feelings of the terrorist above the physical wellbeing of the victims, Wigoder gave Aslam the paltry sentence.

Aslam’s defense attorney, Nadeem Aullybocus, unintentionally gave statements before the court that undeniably tied Aslam’s religious devotion to his actions, saying that Alsam “saw red” when he spotted the victims. The “red” he saw was Quran-motivated contempt for the unbelievers because, as we know, when Muslims are offended, innocent non-Muslims must die.

At the beginning of Ramadan this year, the Palestinian Authority, which the Barack Obama administration financially supported, announced that “blood is permitted” from those who do not comply with Islamic fasting. In fact, the PA quoted Muhammad, saying that those who break the fast have “renounced Islam” and are to be subjected to the proper punishment which is execution.

Last week, the Iranian government publically flogged 20 citizens for breaking the Islamic fast. In accordance with Sharia law, authorities have already arrested at least 90 individuals for failing to adhere with the Muslim holiday’s compulsions.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International confirmed that the Tunisian government sentenced 5 men each to a month in prison for breaking Ramadan fasting with smoking and eating. The charges included public indecency for the purpose of offending Muslims by consuming un-Islamic substances during the holy month.

Ramadan is the deadliest month because it is the holiest month in Islam. Additionally, Islam is the deadliest religion, having slaughtered over 270 million non-Muslims since its founding, because their founding prophet modeled such brutality.

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