VIDEO: Girl Mouths Off To 2 Soldiers, Instantly Regrets Every Word

A woman felt that she could say whatever she wanted and nobody would do a thing about it. While waiting at a bus stop, she saw two soldiers standing there and decided to let them know exactly how she felt, which was met with a response that she never saw coming.

Stock photo (left), Location of the incident (right)

Terrorism thrives on liberal ignorance. While Western countries are tip-toeing around everything and trying not to offend anyone, extremists are raping, killing, and plotting mass murder against everyone.

However, Israel has a much different mindset, seeing the issue for exactly what it is, as proven when a Muslim woman allegedly refused to show her ID at the bus stop because she felt entitled and was used to getting her way.

Israel First News posted the footage and pictures of what happened right after two soldiers asked the Palestinian woman to show her ID. She refused to follow their reasonable order and decided the simple request was enough to wage jihad on them. She came at the guards with a butcher knife that she had hidden under her burka.

Lunging at the armed soldiers and attempting to stab them several times, they immediately put an end to the threat by firing their weapons into the terrorist’s body — no questions asked.

She proved what she was there to do and probably planned the entire thing out from the start since the station is always guarded by IDF soldiers who are despised by Palestinians. Rather than negotiating with this terrorist to drop her knife, they shot her before they were stabbed, and it was exactly what she deserved.

Muslim Brat Mouths Off To Two Soldiers, Gets Exactly What She Deserves
Aftermath: Muslim on the ground.

If this exact situation were to have happened on U.S. soil, the Muslim would have been considered the victim and the shooter would have been accused of being an over-eager Islamaphobe.

She showed her intentions and proved that she was an imminent threat. She wasn’t deserving of any special treatment or conversation to find out for sure if she was going to kill before being killed. The knife in her hand said all these soldiers needed to know, and they responded exactly as anyone should in this situation.