Muslim Granny Poisons Granddaughter After Mom Makes ONE Wrong Move

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In a shocking murder that involves one mother’s battle against her Islamic in-laws, a Muslim grandmother poisoned her own granddaughter. Now, Angel Nabirye is burying the beautiful baby girl who she gave birth to just six months ago, all because she made one wrong move that her Muslim mother-in-law didn’t approve.

6-month-old baby girl in casket (left), Ugandan mother with child (right)

During the month of Ramadan, we see so many stories about Muslim violence, but this one stands out above the rest. Never did Angel Nabirye think her mother-in-law would hurt her own granddaughter, let alone kill her over some slight to Islam.

Angel said her mother-in-law, Nubu Kiiza, asked her on June 16 why she was eating food during Ramadan. The mother, who happens to also be a Christian convert, explained that her baby was sick and needed to be breastfed so she needed to eat. Nubu Kiiza informed her son, Angel’s 30-year-old Muslim husband Ayubu Meddie Kamwa, that she was failing to observe Ramadan. Then, the Muslim granny did the unthinkable, as reported by Christian Today:

The next morning, Kiiza [Grandmother] visited Angel and brought herbs for the sick baby. Unfortunately, the infant died three hours after the Christian mother gave the herbs to her child.

“She brought some herbs for my baby, Saidha Namwase, which I gave her,” Angel said. “After three hours, the condition of the baby worsened, and I rushed her to Iganga Hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival at 4 p.m.” After some tests, a doctor reportedly concluded that Nabirye’s baby died of poisoning. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of Angel’s nightmare. Following her baby’s death, the body was released to her husband, and he insisted the baby be buried at once. Muslims have Islamic burial rites, and one of the biggest concerns in their ideology involves burying the body within 24 hours of death.

Lukka District police riding bikes (left), Grandma Nubu Kiiza & husband (right)

Angel’s only wish was that her family be there to support her, but that meant the burial would have to be postponed a day or two. At that news, the husband, the murdering mother-in-law, father-in-law, and the family’s Imam all started beating and berating her, calling her infidel and pagan.

Neighbors intervened and called the police, but in the commotion, the baby’s body was taken away by another family member. Morning Star News reported, “Police and neighbors searched without success for the infant’s body. Officers later arrested Angel’s husband Kamwa, Imam Waiswa, Kiiza, and her husband for questioning by Luuka District authorities.” Sadly, Angel never found where they buried her daughter.

This truly horrendous story is another example of radical Muslims putting their barbaric Islamic ideology over basic human decency. When a grandmother kills her own flesh and blood to punish the Christian mother in some sick way, it is beyond comprehension.

It sure seems there are hundreds of cases of Muslims doing completely evil acts all in the name of Ramadan and Islam. So far, a reported 1,723 people were murdered in Ramadan-related instances in the last month. These facts, along with this story, are powerful examples of the very sickness that is responsible for mass murders all over the world.

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